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Singing The Butt Bleaching Blues ⋆ Rain DeGrey

Dirty Talk Advice ColumnWe love improving on the factory settings of our flesh. From dying our hair, shaving, plucking, eyelash extensions, spray tanning to skin bleaching, if there is a way to shift what our bodies look like, someone out there has probably tried it at some point. Human history is all about our various attempts to add more curb appeal to what we are working with.

Everything we do to our bodies can carry some form of risk, and those risks vary based on what we decide to try. Scrub with an exfoliant or give yourself a bikini wax and usually, the worst that will happen is a rash or some ingrown hairs. However, more extreme forms of body modification like liposuction, breast implants, and leg lengthening can lead to irreparable damage or even death.

Today’s column comes courtesy of a reader who is looking into a very specific form of skin bleaching and unhappy with their current results. What kind of bleaching? The fundament. If you catch my drift. How exactly does one make sure they are sitting pretty? Is it even possible? Today we find out!

“I’ve been following you for a while, attending your classes and workshops. I find your advice extremely helpful.

I was wondering if you could please share your experience and any advice you might have with anal bleaching? After trying multiple products at home with little to no result, and I wonder how professionals like you do it. Not sure if the color of skin is important to mention, but I am white.”–Looking To Lighten

Ah, the old at-home bleaching kits. Been there. Multiple times. I do have some advice and tips for you, yes. Glad you reached out!

So You Want To Sit On A Bunny Nose?

Pink Bunny NoseOne can be forgiven for thinking, upon a passing review of the erotic material out there, that every porn performer is bleaching their buttholes right out and sitting on cute little pink bunny noses. Then we get a mirror to see what we are working with and it is…brown? Dark? Not cute and pink? The horror! What does it take to become the owner of a bunny nose? Will some skin bleaching do the trick?

To set your mind at ease, a darker skin tone in that specific area is totally normal—anything from friction to hormonal changes to melanin can cause it. That is what it is supposed to look like. “But Rain!” I hear you say. “I can see all the buttholes in porn! And they are light and bright! Surely that is because everyone is bleaching them in order to be camera-ready?”

I’ve had very similar conversations with people in the past that are convinced that performers are all getting labiaplasty operations before stepping in front of the camera. “Nobody looks like that in real life!” they say. “There has to be some surgical intervention going on there, right?”

Don’t Look To Porn For An Accurate Representation Of The Human Body

Porn TransformerThe answer to these questions is no. There are no industrial-grade warehouses set up where performers get funneled through for breast implants, labiaplasties, and butthole bleaching. There are no body modification checklists that have to be met before someone is allowed to be a professional naked person. It isn’t that nobody looks like that in real life—some people do. Those that do could probably be said to have a fair amount of body confidence.

Higher degrees of body confidence increase your chances of feeling comfortable getting naked on camera for others to see, and so what we end up getting is an inaccurate representation of what an average human body looks like. We can be forgiven for thinking that a pink bunny nose of a butthole is the gold standard and if we don’t have it, we should bleach things into a more “desirable” state.

The truth is that most performers are not getting bleached. That is just how they look naturally and they are so pleased with their luck that they are sharing it with the world. I am not one of those people. Like you, I run darker. And It took me a while to be okay with it.

Even If You Accomplish It, Bleaching Is Only Temporary

Doughnut BleachingEven if you could find a treatment that worked, all results are temporary—skin inevitably goes back to its natural state.  You would be signing up for an endless cycle of discomfort and results that do not last. Like Sisyphus, you will be forever pushing that anal bleaching boulder up a hill. You might find a confidence boost from a lighter shade, but that brown butthole is just going to keep coming back.

I am sorry that I can not recommend an effective at-home bleaching treatment, I never found one that worked, and I did a fair amount of looking in my day. What worked for me was learning to be okay with my body, even if I will never be sitting on a pink little bunny nose.

In the end, I learned to accept my butthole, no bleaching needed. If someone wants to shame me or complain that it is not to their liking? I consider that a clear indication that they do not deserve access or view of my fundament. Complain or shame? Good day to you, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you. I and my butthole will go hang out with people that appreciate us properly.

If you remain determined to lighten things up, seeing a professional is going to have better results than anything you can try at home. They have lasers, experience, and stronger skin treatments. Best of luck in whatever you end up doing, but if you want my advice I am going to encourage the route of body acceptance. There are much fewer lasers involved and you will save both time and money.

Keep it Kinky My Friends,

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