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Social Media Platforms And Its Swearwords – Ouso Escrever

Besides the apoptotic need to voice opinions and expose an almost perfect life, Social Media Platforms violate severely fundamental human rights, such as Freedom of speech!
The Twenty-one century is now the century of vanity and idiocracy, a not-so-clever repetition of the roaring twenties or Les années folles from the past. The ferocity and neediness to portray a facade obviously to hide internal malfunctions or, at least, to be part of the trend online community are slowly killing more and more individuals.

Aren’t we diligently repeating history?

Envy and shame, what got to do with it? Envy is a need to destroy something or someone to obtain a position or social visibility. Shame is the retraction needed based on the feeling of not being good enough. When together, envy and shame become a powerful force that leads individuals to weaponize their opinions using hateful techniques over social media and real life. Anynomatus assures these individuals that no one will ever get them or make them responsible for their inappropriate actions and behaviors: normalization of abuse and toxicity.

Yes, emotional toxicity purely exists around us.

Recently I read an article from a Portuguese History writer about surrogacy, which unsurprisingly manifested her opinion against the technique, claiming it violates women’s rights and children born through this method. Of course, points of view are what they are, but when shared in public places by a public figure, followed by hundreds of people, there should be a consideration on how to approach it. At least, previously the writing, study the subject itself and then, with all the pieces of evidence on the table, form a conclusion taking into account both sides of the coin.
As you can imagine, the vast majority of commentaries were visibly violent, to the point of fiercely condemning couples who use surrogacy as a way to become parents.
When I expressed my opinion using the commentary box in this author’s article, I received many private messages from women thanking me. For the first time in their lives, they didn’t feel blamed but understood.

Hatred behaviors and opinions in an online or offline environment are punishable by law because we are talking about the violation of honor and privacy of the private life of others. Portugal has been condemned consecutively for violating this and other rights.

My final advice to conclude this article is: before talking about somebody’s else life or even sharing your life and other matters on social media, think about it twice. Think that your actions, and words, can hurt other people unnecessarily, sometimes based on pure ignorance.

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