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Solutiontales Dating Guide: Top Dating Apps For Introverts

Top Dating Apps For Introverts

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Introverts are not the people who like to put themselves out there. However, it doesn’t mean that they would want to be alone forever. Sometimes, they just need the right person to bring themselves out of their shells without draining their social battery.

Introverts are the type of people who often finds themselves drained every after the event. They just need the right person to bring them out of their shell without compromising their need for solitude and privacy.

We at Solutiontales understand the importance of privacy for every introvert out there. However, it’s seldom you find dating sites made for introverts. If you are one of these introverts, then chin up. Finding your perfect partner is never easy. There are tons of things that you need to do to find them. Here is an online guide available for you which is Solutiontales dating guide; it can help you find the best dating sites for your introverted self.

In this article, we are going to write down some of the best dating sites that you might want to check out. Who knows, it might just be worth your time.



If you are someone who wants a little anonymity before meeting another person, then Anomo is the best dating app for you. It allows you to start slow. You don’t have to upload tons of pictures of yourself. 

Your first profile picture is an avatar. Anomo offers tons of games that you can play. Aside from that, you can easily match with people with the same interest. This app is ideal for people who are not really into the idea of putting themselves out. The slow progress in the dating category makes it more comfortable for people who want to start as friends before starting the next level of their relationship.



One of the best goals of eHarmony is to help introverts find their special person. In eHarmony, tons of introverts are looking for something serious and not just a casual partner. It comes with a lengthy personality test that helps you find the right person for you. However, as much as you get the best match, it’s also a pricey endeavor. If you happen to plan to use eHarmony, you need to be aware that you need to pay for their subscription. But if you think about it, the pricey subscription helps you find the best person for you.



For an introverted guy who is too shy to ask girls, Bumble might just be the best dating app for you. Bumble is the most popular dating app for women. It has the same mechanics as tinder, you just basically swipe left or right. The best part of that is Bumble is free.

Unlike other dating apps, Bumble makes sure that the women would start the conversation. If she isn’t able to send you a message within 24 hours, then you would automatically be unmatched.

Top Dating Apps For Introverts

Coffee Meets Bagel

Another dating app that introverts should check out is Coffee Meets Bagel. Unlike other dating apps for introverts, Coffee Meets Bagel comes with a different way of matching people together. They send one potential profile per day. If you think they like each other, or you either like them, you can send them a message. Aside from that, Coffee Meets Bagel will also help facilitate your first date. It makes you feel safe and a lot more secure because you know that Coffee Meets Bagel got you covered—although you might have to send them tons of coffee if you find the perfect one.


So Synced

So Synced is another dating app that is very much similar to eHarmony. It uses your personality and personality data to find the best person for you. Although So Synced is not a dating app for introverts, 70% of the people on this dating site are introverts. Unlike the other dating sites, So Synced is not as popular compared to other dating apps in the market. Hence, it would be the best and most ideal way to find your perfect person in this dating app.



If you believe in Horoscope, then this is the best dating app for you. Align is a dating that follows a certain theme. It matches people through their astrology signs. They can match you with the same people that are highly compatible with your horoscope. One of the best things about this app is that it gives you something to talk about with your partner. No more awkward “hi’s” and “hello’s”.



OkCupid is not a dating app for introverts. However, they do have tons of self-proclaimed introverts on their site. One of the things that would most probably happen on OkCupid is that you can meet tons of people from different walks of life; introverts, extroverts, and people in between. It may drain you from time to time but with the large membership base, you might just have tons of options for the best person for you.



If you happen to be an introvert with a cute puppy, we know that having someone who respects your love for your pup is a must. Hence, this app. BarkHappy is a dating app created for dog owners who are also introverts. This dating app helps dog owners bond with other dog owners who are willing to help them raise their cute puppy. There are tons of perks if you are using this dating platform. It helps you find several dating areas that are dog-friendly; it helps you find your lost dog through their lost and found section. You don’t just bond with fellow dog owners but you are also bonding with people who are willing to love your fur baby as much as you love them.



As fellow introverts, we know that dating sites can socially drain us. But meeting other introverts might help us change our minds when it comes to dating. We hope this Solution tales dating guide will help you to find your partner.

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