Friday, April 12, 2024

Special Thank You & Note On Integrity

Appreciation & Integrity

To those of you who’ve dipped into your hard-earned cash to donate when you felt compelled to do so, thank you.

I am also grateful to those of you who watch my videos all the way through to the end.

You probably don’t realize doing so lets the YouTube algorithm know that the video is worth watching and presents it to more men who may not be aware of my channel.

Many of you aren’t aware of how much it costs to produce free content.

Some may have questioned the integrity of creators who look for ways to cover their costs of production (and living expenses for full-time creators).

For Example

Even though I write my blogs and film my own videos, I also have a video editor; an IT team; and someone who writes the descriptions and closed captions on YouTube (the automatic captions aren’t always accurate and men with limited hearing deserve accurate CCs).

There are also costs associated with hosting and maintaining websites, storing email addresses (for newsletters and program participation follow-up) and many other costs that often run in the thousands of dollars (mine do).

Creators who publish a lot of content, accept any sponsor, or push products or services can and do make a lot of money (even many who genuinely want to help people).

But for someone like me who only publishes one video a week (partly due to health); doesn’t constantly push product sales, and has turned down every sponsor because I don’t believe in their product or service, YouTube ad revenue doesn’t even cover my business expenses, never mind my living expenses.

I am not making bank. (Not that I think there’s anything wrong with making money by helping others.)

In February, my business expenses exceeded my business income. I almost threw in the towel and quit to get “a real job.”

When I told my team, some of them offered a pay cut to ride out what we hoped was the bottom. (Thank you, Team!)

I’m not telling you this to ask for money.

I’m telling you this because I’ve had my integrity questioned and figured some of you might have similar thoughts.

If I were wealthy, I’d continue doing what I’m doing (with a swankier filming studio, mind you).

As my health improves, God willing, I’ll be able to do more. But even then I’ll offer only as much as I can while maintaining my sanity and a genuine desire to help. (Being a workaholic is part of what caused my health issues.)

Until then, thank you for understanding, I love you and God bless.

If you have feedback, please post it in a public comment.

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