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St. Patrick’s Day Sale – 10 Top Products With Deals Today | Discover What’s Next

Did anyone else forget to wear green when they were a kid and spend St. Patrick’s Day trying to avoid getting pinched?

(Plot twist: The joke’s on them, I was wearing green underwear!)

The 10 products below are selling FAST thanks to great deals in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

P.S. If you need me, I’ll be in my yard looking for a 4-leaf clover.

P.P.S. Did you know the odds of finding a 4-leaf clover are 10,000 to ONE?! Talk about luck! 

Grommet St. Patrick's Day Sale

The team behind the ForeverPen was sick and tired of cheap pens constantly running out of ink at the most inconvenient times.

So they precision-engineered a titanium alternative that DOESN’T use ink.

We all know those “freebie” pens we get at the bank or grocery store just don’t cut it and carrying around a full-size pen isn’t always convenient.

ForeverPen offers a lifetime of note-taking and check-signing in a teeny tiny package — it’s less than one inch long. The best part? Since it doesn’t use ink, it will never run out! 
The deal: ForeverPen has a HUGE deal to save $60 when you buy 3 pens today!

Buy from ForeverPen

Transform shower time from a daily chore into your FAVORITE part of the day!

You’ll feel like you’re at a luxury spa each morning with this aromatherapy shower starter kit.

Simply pop a scent capsule into the shower head and enjoy the benefits of vitamins and aromatic scents.

Your hair and skin will look and feel noticeably healthier, and your nose will be treated to relaxing scents boosted by vitamin C while you enjoy a little “me time.”

Feel stress melt away as these hydrating and moisturizing ingredients infuse into your skin and hair through the massaging water stream.

Installation couldn’t be easier and you’ll be able to enjoy your new shower system in MINUTES!

The deal: Their all-inclusive starter kit is 19% off right now! It includes everything you need including the easy-install shower head, 6 long-lasting scent capsules + a capsule holder included FREE! Try it for 60 days risk-free!

Buy from H201 SHIFT

3. ChargeCard: The credit card-sized emergency phone charger (get up to 100% emergency boost)

Why does it always seem like our phones die at the WORST possible time?

“Hello, I’m calling to offer your dream job!”


ChargeCard® by AquaVault is a credit card-sized phone and smart device charger.

It fits in your purse or wallet just like a credit card and provides up to 100% emergency battery boost so you can get through the rest of the day even when there’s no outlet in sight.

The built-in charging cables (USB-C, Lightning, Micro USB) make sure both Apple and Android users never deal with a dead phone again! This compact charger was designed with travel in mind and gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

The deal: ChargeCard® is being offered for a promotional rate of only $59.95 today! You’ll save even more (up to 15%) if you order 3 or more. It’s the perfect gadget to hand out to the entire family!

Buy from AquaVault

Grommet's Best International Women's Day Products

What you name your home WiFi says A LOT about you.

For every jokester with “FBI Security Van,” there’s someone like me who keeps the default.

(“ATT9k589Qi” or something like that.)

But whatever name you choose, the Omega WiFi Amp makes a world of difference.

It’s a 100% legal way to boost your internet performance WITHOUT paying added upgrade fees.

Some internet companies lure you in with deceptive ads. They tell you you’ll be getting speeds of up to 200 Mbps. But the key words there are “UP TO.” In times of peak demand, internet companies can throttle your WiFi speed and intentionally slow down your network.

Fight back with the Omega WiFi Amp and GET THE SPEED YOU PAID FOR!

The deal: This St. Patrick’s Day, you can experience unmatched internet speeds for just $39.99 + S&H. Or you can secure FREE shipping within the USA with their buy 2, get 1 FREE offer!

Buy from Omega

5. Aculief Headache Hat: 360° cold therapy compression that NATURALLY soothes headaches away

Grommet's Best International Women's Day Products

Pounding headaches are no fun. That’s pretty obvious. But what can you DO about them? 

The answer is cold therapy!

Headaches are usually caused by inflamed blood vessels in our heads.

The Aculief Headache Hat is scientifically proven to reduce swelling and inflammation with 360° cold compression. It provides gentle compression all around your head to melt away headaches naturally.

Don’t rely on leaky ice bags and wet rags. The Aculief Headache Hat stays cool 10X longer than wet washcloths and is far more comfortable. Plus, the built-in eye cover blocks out bright light that can aggravate your headaches.

The deal: Try the Aculief Headache Hat risk-free for 60 days. If you don’t like it for any reason, just return it hassle-free. Grommet readers can save $10 when you order now for just $39.99! Take advantage of their buy 1, get 1 50% off promotion to save even more and unlock FREE shipping!

Buy from Aculief

Grommet's Best International Women's Day Products

It’s tough to find a good dry shampoo…

Most just aren’t powerful enough to get the job done and some can even damage your hair with extended use. But not this!

IGK First Class is an all-natural, vegan dry shampoo that works great on ALL hairstyles. (It works so well, it’s even developed a cult-like following online.)

Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, or anywhere in between, First Class uses detoxifying charcoal powder to cleanse even the most oily hair. White tea powder soothes your scalp and lifts buildup, leaving your hair feeling clean and wonderfully refreshed.

The deal: Unlock free shipping on ALL purchases and save the most with their “Subscribe and Save” offers. Today, the 4-pack qualifies for 30% off!

Buy from IGK

7. SuperMush: A daily immunity spray designed to keep your body healthy

Grommet's Best International Women's Day Products

SuperMush is a daily immunity spray that helps keep you 100% healthy.

With so many travel plans coming up, you CANNOT afford to get sick.

Give yourself the best chance at peak health with this daily spray.

It uses fungi (yes, seriously) to boost your body’s natural immunity to levels it simply can’t reach on its own. But don’t worry, SuperMush doesn’t taste like mushrooms.

Don’t risk getting sick this spring… try SuperMush today!

The deal: Click the link below and see what special St. Patrick’s Day offer they’re running. (Last we looked, it was for 10% off when you subscribe & SAVE!)

Buy from SuperMush

Grommet's Best International Women's Day Products

Sadly, most flowers only last for a few days before they start to fade and wilt.

But it’s not your flowers’ fault they die so quickly — it’s the vase!

Traditional vases are a breeding ground for bacteria which quickly overwhelms and kills fresh flowers.

Amaranth Vases are different.

Their unique “twist-n’-turn” design lets you trim stems and drain water WITHOUT taking your flowers out of the vase. This no-mess alternative DOUBLES the lifespan of your flowers. And since these beautiful vases are shatterproof, they’ll be on display in your home for years to come.

The deal: Give YOURSELF the gift of longer-lasting flowers and save $15 instantly when you order one vase. Know a friend who also loves flowers? Their buy 2, get 1 FREE deal may be your best bet.

Buy from Amaranth Vase Company

Grommet's Best International Women's Day Products

The Butter Mill®, made in Missouri, magically turns a stick of butter into ribbons of butter!

It’s the FUN and EASY way to easily spread paper thin ribbons of butter onto your favorite foods.

It keeps your butter fresh longer.

If you’re tired of dancing with your toast, let the Butter Mill® do the work for you!

The deal: The Butter Mill® is only $29.99 today! Don’t wait to get this for the butter lover in your life! Their team has even unlocked a pair of exclusive codes + FREE shipping. Use “Grommet10” for 10% off 1 item or “Grommet20” for 20% off 2 or more items!

Buy from Butter Mill®

10. Truly Free: Deep-clean your dishwasher without lifting a finger (this blasts away YEARS of grime in a single cycle)

Grommet's Best International Women's Day Products

Bacteria and germs thrive in moist, warm environments just like your dishwasher!

Repeated exposure to this toxic fog can lead to illness and infections… and send guests running to the bathroom to heave!

Listen, the only thing green this St. Patrick’s day should be the color of shamrocks… NOT your guests’ faces! This amazing plant-based dishwasher cleaner uses an eco-friendly and effective formula to deep-clean where you can’t reach.

It declogs and sizzles away gunk, giving you a cleaner, more efficient dishwasher that runs better (and lasts longer). Just sprinkle the pouch into your dishwasher, run an empty hot cycle… then come back to a brand new dishwasher!

The deal: Buy 1 Truly Free dishwasher cleaner, get 2 FREE! (That’s 67% savings for St. Patrick’s Day!)

Buy from Truly Free

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