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Staycation vs Vacation

Micro Tourism: Is there value to be found in it?

This will be my last blogpost for a while, and for very good reason. I am celebrating two huge milestone birthdays with loved ones over the next couple of months. Both my mom and father-in-law will be visiting us for 3 months from overseas. This is our first post-covid-lockdown gathering, so we are all tremendously excited.

Fear not, I am leaving you in capable hands as I have lined up some incredible articles for you from guest bloggers I am well acquainted with.

You will hear from Confidence Coach and Business Wing Woman, Rebecca Laidlaw who talks us through self-care and balancing the social media scroll.

Appropriately named as ‘soulhappysuccess’ you will find her wise advice at the link: soulhappysuccess

Look out for her article next Friday, 29 July 2022.

Cheri has two articles for us over the next few weeks as she discusses personal growth within a relationship, and her second article will discuss date night arguments and how to prevent them! 

In the meantime, Cheri has a wealth of information on how to make the best of your relationships, which you can find here: synergy.couples

I will be sure to pop in from time to time and keep you updated on our celebrations and staycation happenings with our family.

Staycation vs Vacation

I have written extensively about my relationship with my mom in my memoir, En Route, covering about 6 weeks of travel together on our gap year travels. 

From the perspective of being the ‘baby’ in the family to re-learning my adult relationship in our mature years. It is full of the wisdom of growth and appreciation within a close knit family setting, to the far flung corners of the earth. 

Our relationship was forced to grow and strengthen across the globe as James and I made the decision to leave all that was familiar behind us, and forge a new life in the Great Southern Land, Australia. Against all odds, we have managed to maintain a strong bond and a loving relationship.

Whether your relationship in the parenthood arena is one of child to maturity or parenting your own children, you will find value in the discoveries I have made in my role as both child and parent through my observations, failings and successes.

I recommend sharing the value of my findings with your own adult children or parents in this lovingly crafted memoir of road trips and relationships: EN ROUTE The Best Is Yet To Be

Micro-Tourism: Is there value to be found in it?

In light of Cheri Timko’s upcoming article on date night arguments and how to prevent them, I present to you my flounderings and outbursts and ultimately, deep understanding of mine and James’ date year experiment in our dating journal, Creating Sparks that Last. 

As you might have noticed it is of the same name as my blog which you are currently reading because it was that date year experiment that sparked my interest in sharing our midlife foray into the dating world.

We would never have learnt as much as we did about each other if we had not embarked on our monthly dates to reignite our relationship. I suggest you read it together with your partner as you will gain perspective of each other from both mine and James’ findings. It is a short read, taking no longer than 90 minutes: Creating Sparks That Last eBook

As relationships are constantly evolving with changing circumstances and just…life, I am always interested in learning of other people’s growth within a family or relationship setting and would love to hear any tips or advice you might have picked up along the way. Drop them in a comment below and remember to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our upcoming transformative articles.

Bye for now!

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