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Stress Busting in 2 Easy Moves

Stress Busting in 2 Easy Moves

Have you checked in with yourself lately? If you’re in a public space, simply take a few uplifting breaths – bring your awareness back to your surroundings. Listen to the noises around you. Birds? Cars? Air-conditioner? Chatter? Sensory overload can trigger a small dose of anxiety. Let’s use our senses to engage our clarity and drown out the anxiety.

♥ if you’re feeling frazzled, flick your fingers on one hand, or both hands if you can. Place your thumb over each fingernail one by one, flick away from your thumb with one finger at a time. Spring each finger forwards, away from your thumb. Notice your skin. Is it dry? Sweaty? Are your fingertips freezing?

♥ repeat as many times as needed until you feel a gentle tingling in your fingertips. Count each time you flick a finger forwards: 

1, 2, 3, 4



Begin anew.

Bringing yourself back to basic awareness is an instant stress buster!

Rub your thumbnails with your index finger. Notice any ridges on your nails; the length of your nails; feel the cuticle where nail meets nail bed. What shape does it form? Are they rough, smooth, sticking up at the edges? Feel the pleasant tickling sensation on your nails and the skin of your index fingers. How soothing does that feel?

There! You’ve just given yourself 30 seconds of total mindful love. Staying in the moment, focusing ALL your attention on yourself.

**To be clear, these are not permanent fixes for stress busting but they help in the moment. As always, please see your healthcare provider if you need greater help reducing stress and anxiety.

That’s all for today. Short, sweet and to the point. These were excerpts taken from THIS ARTICLE.
Have a fabulous weekend and do let me know any stress busting tricks you have up your sleeve.

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