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5 Tips For Surviving A Divorce Without Going Crazy

Getting a divorce can be sad and frustrating at the same time. Not only is a breakup hard on your emotions, but it can also be hard to deal with the legal side. If you have kids, it’s even more complex. Even though getting a divorce is hard, it doesn’t have to be as bad as you might think. Try these tips to create your divorce a little less hard. It won’t be easy, but they will help.

1. Be fair when dividing shared property.

During a divorce, The most stressful thing you’ll have to do is figure out how to divide the property you owned together. It’s hard to give up the things you’ve gathered over time. It means that your relationship is over for good. 

In an ideal situation, you should discuss how to divide the property with a lawyer and a mediator. This creates the whole process less complex and painful. Most states, including Texas, have rules about how property from marriage should be split. This is simple to say but tough to perform.

The best way to divide your property is to know when it’s not worth fighting to keep something causing more trouble than it’s worth. For example, if your ex-spouse wants all the vinyl records you’ve collected over the years, be kind enough to give them to them. In return, ask them to be generous with you regarding anything you want to keep.

Some things are harder to split up. What if you love your home and don’t want to sell it and move? When a couple owns more than one home, they sometimes divide their real estate assets. However, most of the time, the homes are sold, and the money from the sale is split evenly. Get ready to let go of the big things.

2. Think about mediation

Not all divorces have to be decided in court. Instead, many couples go through a process of mediation. This is easier if you and your ex-partner can work together to make the process as easy as possible. Mediation is a superb alternative to going to court, filling out paperwork, waiting for a hearing, and dealing with problems. During a divorce, there can be a lot of bad luck in court. For example, if someone doesn’t sign their paperwork correctly, your case can go back to the bottom of the pile.

3. Pay attention to communication

No matter what, how easy your divorce is will depend on how well you talk to each other. It’s hard to talk to someone when you’re still mad at them, but you should consider it a chance to control your emotions. Every part of your divorce will be easier and less stressful if you can talk to each other clearly, and calmly. You’ll have an easier time dividing up the property and making things easier between you and your ex-partner.

4. Be flexible when making decisions about child custody.

During a child custody hearing, judges read your paperwork carefully and talk to you, but they can’t know everything about you or your situation. They can only decide what to do based on what they see and know. If your ex-partner lies or exaggerates, it’s your word against theirs.

In a custody battle, judges decide based on what is fair for the child. They will consider what the parents want, but it’s all about the kids, in the end, so be open to what the court thinks is best for your child. If your ex-spouse wants full custody of your child, you will want to fight that request.

But it’s best to be flexible when it comes to shared custody. For example, when a judge orders a specific schedule for shared custody, try not to pick at the details. If you must cancel your Tuesday taco nights to pick up your kids, don’t ask the judge to move your changeover day.

5. Practice self-care

Taking care of myself is essential during a divorce. You’ll be upset, stressed out, and maybe even angry. Even though it’s normal to feel bad, you need to take care of yourself, so you don’t go crazy. Self-care is more than just thinking good thoughts about yourself.

You can’t just tell yourself to stop feeling bad; it will go away. Instead, leave the house and get a massage, sit in a jacuzzi, or buy yourself your favorite snack. Do things that will make you happy. It won’t create the pain go away completely, but it will keep you from getting worse and worse.

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You never expected to get a divorce, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. So, take it easy and talk to your friends or a counselor if you need to speak to someone. It can assist a lot in talking to someone.

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