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Having a man is the most wonderful feeling you could get as a grown up lady. You could feel this fleeting and romantic feeling all the time. But to make him stay in your life, you need to make him happy.  You need to make sure that he chooses you over any other woman. Here are the secrets on how to do it and achieve great and romantic results. Making a man happy can be simple. You can do unique things to spice things up and Below are basic tips to make your man happy.

1) Praise him in the presence of his friends. When the woman in his life shows her appreciation for him in front of his friends, he will be grateful and glad to have someone who supports him and stands by him.

2) Compliment him. Men love compliments, they just pretend like they don’t. Compliment your man for his physique and his intellect. He’ll be happy to know you notice.

3) Give him your attention. Taking your boyfriend for granted is not always a good idea. Instead, give him your full attention and time as well, and make him feel wanted. Get off your phone and listen when he talks. Pay him the attention he deserves because every moment you spend with him is very important.

4) Be honest to him. Being honest no matter how difficult it is, is one of the best ways to make your boyfriend happy. Always be open to him and don’t hide secrets for him. In that case, you will not only make him feel happy but you will also get the same satisfaction he feels because he will also be honest with you in everything.

5) Flirt with him. Flirting keeps your passion alive, and it is a vital part of any good relationship. Plan solo dates often, try new things together, and pinch his butt cheeks just for fun. A little sexing and never hurts, either.

6) Warm up to his friends and family. Guys love spending time with their friends just like you do. There is a special bond he has with his family and friends which he simply cannot break no matter what. He needs you to be a friendly person to these people who are a part of his life. Since you accepted him, you have to accept his entire life if you want to achieve a happy relationship. He will thank you for getting along with his buddies.

7) Trust him. We are pretty intuitive creatures and we know when something just isn’t right. However, sometimes we can be a little crazy and make up scenarios in our head off of something as small as an innocent text message from a female co-worker. What quality of a relationship do you really have if you don’t have a solid foundation of trust to build off of? If you can’t trust him, you will never feel secure.

8) Enhance what he likes in you. Remember what he liked in you first? He must have complimented you about things that he adores about you. This may be the way you talk, your laughter, your eyes, your hair or may just the whole package. Don’t overlook them just because you have spent or been with him for a long time and you expect him to be okay with however you are now. Adding spark to your relationship to keep him happy means you have to take care of what pleases his eyes too.

9) Never Discourage Him. I have seen a lot of women who feel threatened by their man’s outside interests and exploits try to control him by discouraging him. These women think they are protecting their relationship, but they are actually ruining it.

You can never have the kind of relationship you truly want – based on love, affection, and attention – when you use any kind of “control tactics.” We don’t want to think of ourselves as controlling. But very often when we feel insecure about receiving love we do try to control it.

10) Gifts of Love. Some guys really go for gifts and receiving some will make your boyfriend happy. Surprise your boyfriend with gifts given as tokens of love every few of weeks. Avoid picking ultra expensive gifts that might send the wrong message and make him feel obligated to you. Instead, go for small gifts that are classy or personalized in some way.

11) Hug Him. It has been proven that a simple act of hugging might make someone have a better mood, make him feel closer to you, and make him trust you even more. Give it to him without time table, men love it.

If you really doesn’t want your Marriage or relationship to be like armageddon war, apply these secrets and start enjoying your spouse.

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