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The 14 Most Popular Products of 2023

The best of the best. The cream of the crop. The beeā€™s knees. šŸ˜€

Whatever you call them, the 14 products below each took home a Product of the Week crown in 2023.

To do so, they each beat out over 20 other new products during their launch week thanks to a flood of clicks, votes, and purchases from Grommet Shoppers. Check out each of these Maker stories and help decide our final 2023 Product of the Week by clicking below! šŸ—³ļø šŸ‘

Stupid Car Tray is the perfect car accessory

Winning Week:Ā September 6th, 2023

John Kruse took home our very first Product of the Week with this clever device for drivers. It creates a level surface in your car for drinks, phones, and more so your car will stay neat and organized.

Winning Week:Ā September 13th, 2023

Rahul Agarwal took inspiration from a college assignment and turned it into his thriving small business. Polygons is a modern measuring cup replacement that folds flat and magnetically sticks to appliances to save space.

Winning Week:Ā September 20th, 2023

Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan loved hard boiled eggs, but hated peeling them. They invented this ā€œmagicā€ device that causes egg shells to separate with just a few shakes.

Winning Week:Ā September 27th, 2023

Jacob Feldman wanted to listen to his favorite music anywhere without lugging around full-size speakers. The result? Anything Speaker! Itā€™s a mini device that turns almost any object into a powerful speaker.

Winning Week:Ā October 11th, 2023

Mikey Goldman used his battle with ADHD to inspire him to create The Original Weighted Pillow. Itā€™s a stress-relieving pillow designed to be hugged when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Winning Week:Ā October 18th, 2023

Kristaps Krisjans spent 6 years carrying around an early version of Mbacco before turning his idea into a business. His accordian style wallet is an attractive (and far slimmer) alternative to traditional wallets.

Winning Week:Ā October 25th, 2023

Billy Dayan originally created Soaq as an easier way to clean his Invisalign braces, but it has found a cult following among jewelry owners for the way it makes jewelry sparkle.

Winning Week:Ā November 1st, 2023

Harriet Zbikowskiā€™s search for a more comfortable, yet durable outdoor glove led her to found Foxgloves nearly 24 years ago. These best-selling gloves are a shopper favorite for gardeners, birders, and anyone who loves getting outside.

Winning Week:Ā November 8th, 2023

Josh Hartung spent all day with tools as a lifelong handyman, but he grew tired of never having the tool he needed at the ready. This magnetic tool and hardware holder keeps everything you need at your fingertips during DIY tasks.

Winning Week: November 15th, 2023

Originally founded by the late Sarah Hackett, her organization continues to support women in Haiti who make these elegant nightgowns by hand. Sarahā€™s wonderful story propelled these Garland Nightgowns to Product of the Week.

Winning Week:Ā November 22nd, 2023

Nina Seyedababi grew frustrated when her phone kept slipping while preparing dinner one evening. This practical solution holds your phone upright and steady, so you can free your hands in the kitchen and beyond.

Winning Week:Ā December 6th, 2023

Firefighter Jake Rutledge never imagined he would appear on Shark Tank, yet there he was pitching his innovative fishing idea to the Sharks. Chill-N-Reel allows anglers to fish and enjoy a cold beverage at the same time.

Winning Week:Ā December 13th, 2023

Beth & Bev are busy moms who needed a stylish way to carry their essentials without stuffing everything into their pockets. Their no-bounce adjustable pocketed belts hold everything you need while youā€™re busy rounding up the kids or running errands.

Winning Week:Ā December 20th, 2023

The team behind MagicOutlet certainly had some magic up their sleeves when they came up with this. It allows you to easily access previously hidden outlets with ease.

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