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When you are in
love with someone and probably the person doesn’t know yet that you are in love
with him despite some efforts you have made to show it to him or he is aware
that you love him but you have to prove it to him.

Here are the
things you should do.
1) Say It out to the person.
Once you know you
have fallen in love with someone, voice it out, don’t keep the feeling to
yourself. It feels good to tell someone you love him or her and you would
want to have an intimate relationship with him, it proves you are mature and
romantic as well. You can say it via voice message if you want or through text
messages or social media chats.

2) You will always
be honest with him.
Always be open with them in everything you do, whether for him
specifically or for anything that involves him. 

3) Give
him attention.
One of the major ways you can show someone that you love him is
the quality of attention you give to him. Create out time for him so you can
hang out together, gist together, look each other in the eyes, appreciate each
other‘s beauty and handsomeness, tell him how special he is to you and
that is why you choose him over others, tell love stories, tell him how
you missed him during the day. Invite him to your house as well – even if is
not weekly, entertain him as much as you can.   

4) Assist
him or her.
You show love to someone by assisting them, that
necessarily doesn’t mean that they are incapable of doing that thing but
because you want to relieve him of the stress if he is doing it alone and also
because by being on his side, he will be happy. Also by assisting him, you are
showing him that you are happy when he is happy. Assistance can be in the form
of money -paying bills, food doing domestic work, etc.
5) Buying
gifts for him.
One of the best ways to express love is by gifts and one of the
best gifts is the one the person needs but cannot be able to afford it
within that time. It could be shoes, a shirt, a boxer, a phone, a bag, or a computer. It
will make the person know that you want him to be happy.
Introduce him to your family and friends.
Introducing your lover
to your family and friends, shows you are proud of him, it shows you value
him, it shows you care about him too.
7) Don’t
argue with him.
 An argument to some individuals is disrespectful to them. Don’t argue
with him about money if he is the type that is concerned about how money is
spent but rather give him impressive ideas on how to save money, how to earn
more money and spend less, how to work smart instead of working hard. How to
dress smart and attractive and irresistible as well.
8) Be his
best friend and partner to him
. Say things that will make him progress in his
endeavor, and do for him things that will make him feel loved by you.
9) Send
him a love message in the morning. A good morning message
 that is accompanied
by prayers and blessings, will show him that he is after your heart and there
will be no doubt if you tell him that you dreamed about him last night and
if you were together with him last night, wake him up with an un-imagined kiss. In
the afternoon check on him with romantic messages, ask him about his day, and how
he has been coping with his hectic task in the office, and at night tell him
good night with heart-tricking love messages. Is a sign that he is right after
your heart and by doing this; you have planted your love so deep in his heart.
Apologize whenever you are wrong
. I have always said that; the imperfection of
your partner is what makes you perfect and your imperfection is what makes your
partner perfect. Simply put, no one is perfect and that is why you should
apologize to your partner whenever you are wrong because human makes mistakes.
Sincerely say you are sorry and it wasn’t intentional, Don’t criticize his
opinion when correcting you either.
Appreciate his outfit. Tell him how handsome he is with the outfit, tell him
how attractive he is with it, and hug and kiss him while complimenting him.
12) Don’t
be jealous of him. Is normal to be jealous but it should have limits to
avoid hurting your feelings or negatively affecting your relationship. Give
him space when he wants it.
13) Send surprise love notes. Surprise love notes will make him believe that you think
of no one else except him that your love for him is real and also that you
him alone.

14) Go on
a date with him and be willing to sponsor it. By doing this, he will believe
that you are ready to make the relationship work and this will also prove that
you are not just after his money or to be a liability to him but his love as a
reciprocal of your love for him

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