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The 2 Best Businesses To Invest Your Money This Year.

It’s obvious that the world’s population is increasing on a daily basis based on the rate of newborn babies around the world. According to the Bureau of statistics, the population of the world is 7.7 billion in 2020. In 1921 it was 1.7 billion.(check out the big difference) By 2060, it may be hitting 10 billion.

Considering business with this information you will agree with me that there are types of business that will always be the need of both the rich and the poor, meaning both poor and the rich will be patronizing you. Let’s take a look at those businesses.

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1) Agriculture. This involves production of foods for both human and animal consumption. You can take advantage of agriculture by selling the food products if you don’t have the opportunity or the finances needed to start farming.

Take for example; garri is one the products of agriculture which is gotten from cassava and is consumed by both rich and poor. Plantain is also a product of agriculture which is consumed by both rich and poor.

What about onion, pepper, tomatoes, yam, potatoes, rice, banana, pineapple, garden eggs, etc. Consider investing into any of these agricultural products because as the world population is increasing their demands will be getting higher.

2) Real Estate. The fact remains that you can’t make millions overnight in this business but there are millions if you can invest your time, resources and efforts into this business.

Real Estate is one of the professions many people studied in the university and it ranges from being a property manager, a property developer, and property agent, i.e renting apartment to people on behalf of the owner, renting of shopping mall, sales of property either land, warehouse, or house to individuals or organization.

Real Estate is a business that doesn’t depreciate, instead it will keep on appreciating. House rent, shop rent, warehouse rent or shopping mall doesn’t come down but it keeps on increasing year in year out. You see this is the investment for the future.

On the other hand, you may think about other forms of investment such as cryptocurrency but anyone investing in cryptocurrency must harden his heart because anything can happen with Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is not moral or immoral. It is amoral and this simply means that it is neutral. Neither good nor evil.

Someone may ask what about buying shares from a big company and becoming a shareholder which is not a bad idea but If you invest in a company, the firm can collapse or formally be liquidated. If you invest your money in shares and become a shareholder in that company, it can drop. If you invest in trading, goods could be stolen. 

The best place to invest is on something that both individuals or organizations can’t do without and that’s food and Real Estate. Don’t think about the risk involved because there is no business without risk. Also there is no better time to Invest than now. You make plans for the future and that’s why it is called investment. Make hay while the sun still shines!

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