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Marriage is a huge commitment and one of the most important decisions you will make in your entire life. It’s important to prepare well for marriage. There are lots of things you can do to best equip yourself and avoid divorce.

Protecting marriage from the disaster of divorce starts long before a couple stands at the altar and continues through their lifetime together.

Here is a plan of action to help you prepare for it.

First step: If you are dating, ask yourself if your relationship is at high risk for divorce. Too many couples fall in love and get married before ever really seriously looking at the relationship. Look hard and deep into the relationship first. Make sure you are making the right decision. Although breakups are hard and painful, it’s much less painful than a divorce.

Step two: If you are married, commit to improving your marriage. Marriage is not something we do and then coast for 50 years. An awesome marriage takes work. Always be working at improving your marriage.

Step three: If you are single or married, find other couples with good marriages. Allow them to mentor you. Surround yourself with good examples of healthy marriages.

Step four: In marriage, agree to get help if you are ever faced with a marriage crisis. Sometimes the hurt, pain, and exhaustion can be unbearable and you need to ask for help. Help is available to anyone who asks. Help comes in many forms: Christian counselors, pastors, good friends, and family, and even good books.

So whether you are dating or engaged or just thinking about getting married in the future, make a commitment to attend premarital counseling before entering into marriage. It is so important to take time to look at your relationship and to seriously examine everything that goes into marriage before you finally get married.

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