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The Biggest Myths about Couples Coaching — The Connected Relationship

So you’ve searched the internet for couples therapists and couples coaches.  You’ve asked some trusted people for recommendations.  You’ve scoured web sites and reviews.  You’re more informed than you ever thought you’d be about couples coaching, but you still might be caught up in some common misconceptions about couples coaching.  See if these sound familiar, and let’s set the record straight!

5 Myths about Couples Coaching

Myth #1: Only desperate couples get coaching.

Fact: At The Connected Relationship, our view of coaching is to give you skills to improve your relationship before you reach a nuclear level of desperation. Sure, there might be MOMENTS of feeling desperate (otherwise, why would you be looking for help??), but some of the strongest people we know (including us) are strong because they’re willing to ask for help.

Myth #2:  Someone who doesn’t know us can’t help.

Fact:  Certainly, each couple’s specific details about their lives and relationship are unique, but the challenges that couples face — whether communication, trust, intimacy, or managing finances, job, or raising children — are quite common.  

Myth #3 : A couples coach will take sides.

Fact:  Actually, this one is partially right.  As couples coaches, we do take sides… we side with your relationship and we’ll all work through the ways that each of you contribute to the challenges in your relationship (we know that’s not the answer you were probably looking for, but trust us– it works).

Myth #4:  We shouldn’t have to go to couples therapy. We should be able to fix this on our own. 

Fact:  Honestly, isn’t this what you’ve been trying to do for a LONG, LONG time now?? None of us were given a “relationship manual” to operate from.  All of us have unhealthy coping strategies in our relationship.  Isn’t it time to get an outside perspective and “relationship realignment”?

Myth #5:  Couples coaching takes too long

Fact:  Statistics show that most couples live with distressed relationships for an average of 7 years before they get help.  Our Couples Coaching Program is 6 months long.  You do the math! 😉

Tackling the Myths about Couples Coaching

Now that we’ve cleared up some of these myths about couples coaching, now’s the time to schedule a FREE consultation so that we can answer any other questions you have about coaching.  Let’s connect!

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