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The Effect of Cheating On Your Partner

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Cheating is never a good thing and is something you really need to stop before you use your hand to destroy your marriage. Because the effect of ching on your partner is not something we pray to happen to anyone so please learn to leave with your partner.

Problems with people who cheat on their partner

At times I wonder why there are so many people who cheat on their lover, after so many promises they made for their partner not to let them go, After telling them that their heart is only made for them, does it means that all these promises you made where just lie that you said just to gain one or two things from the person, how do you feel when you cheat on someone or hurt someone, does that make you happy or do you gain joy doing so. I have come across many people who cheat on their lovers. Instead of saying sorry or begging him or her for forgiveness, they start giving excuses and reasons that made them cheat, but the truth is that there is no reason that is enough for you to cheat on your lover.

Instead of cheating on your partner, why not leave them? What do you gain by hurting that innocent heart that gave you everything, even happiness? Why did you cause a broken heart to the one who loves you? The truth is that I take people who cheat on their partner as confused and wicked people for hurting the heart that does nothing but give you whole love, care, concern, and happiness, so please think twice before you break that gentle heart that loves you.

There is a story I would like to share with you:

The Effect of Cheating On Your Partner

There was a man named Charles the husband of a beautiful woman named Stella, this man was dating a woman named Joy before he got married to Stella and Joy also got married to a handsome man named Emmy who loved her so much more than himself, Charles and Joy although they are married with different woman and man, they still love themselves and still cheat at their partners, when Charles wife find out she was hurt badly and out of love cried out to her husband to stop cheating at her and even went further in confronting Joy to leave her husband alone and focus on her on husband but Joy didn’t listen to her follow woman plead and when Emmy her husband finds out he went to a Charles and talked with him man to man for him to understand him and leave his wife for him but instead of Charles to Understand him as his follow man, he shouted at him and send him out of his house, this continue till one day when Joy look that what she is doing is not good and he cant stop it unless he will stop seeing or hearing anything about Charles again so he decided to kill him for her to concentrate on her own marriage.

The Effect of Cheating On Your Partner

One day Joy visited Charles when his wife was not at home; as they were laughing and making love, she slowly poisoned his drink and gave it to him, and he drank it as the poison was killing him slowly. She left the house, but to her greatest surprise, she only found a letter on the table in her room written by her husband telling her that she was sorry that she couldn’t bear staying with her when she was still sleeping with another man, so due to that she married another girl who he is currently living with now in another town. Some weeks later, after the death of Charles, she could not bear the guilt of killing him, so she confessed to the Police, and she was charged by the court and sent to prison.


Cheating on your lover is not good and can never be good because there is nothing good to account for it as a reason that will make you cheat on your lover; instead of cheating on your lover, why don’t you then break up or divorce with him/her with that reason so that the person will know that there is nothing bonding you together any more than secretly cheating and given excuses all the time on one thing or the other, so please my dear reader don’t toil with feelings of any heart that loves you, people who cheat at times end up with the wrong person that will forever hurt them, why don’t you think if you were to be the person how would you feel and more over there is nothing to gain from cheating than pains, hurting your partner and giving yourself high blood pressure, yes what I mean by that is this, you will not be at rest when you are cheating on your lover you will always be in fear of your lover not to find out your evil and wicked act. I have come across some guys who always say that there is nothing worse for a man to cheat; that is very wrong because no matter who cheats, whether a man or woman, it is still the same and is very bad to do so, Okay you as a man that says that there is nothing wrong cheating on your lover why not you then stop doing is secretly from your partner and do it openly where people who know you are or where your partner can see you and know that you are cheating on her why then are you hiding from all this when you know that there is nothing wrong for you as a man to cheat at your lover, stop deceiving yourself and stop hurting the heart who love you.

How cheating affects a woman

  • If you always cheat on your woman the know this, that she will hardly trust you.
  • She can easily stop caring that much.
  • the way she shows concern toward you will be reduced.
  • The love and the happiness of the home will not be there again.
  • She may loose interest in making love with you.
  • So many things will really change and she may get emtion and kill you.

Psychological effects of cheating in a relationship

  • There will never be trust.
  • Understing you will be very hard.
  • The person can easily get angry.
  • The environment may make him or her always leave in regret.
  • Never pray to have something with someone who believe you cheat because you will see the opposite of love.

How does cheating affect a man

  • The man will not value women again.
  • He can never trust her woman.
  • Expect him to star giving interest in another woman.
  • He will never trust you again.

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