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The Great Rajasthani Culture | The History of Rajasthan

The land of royalty and tradition is also known as great Rajasthan. Located in the glittering golden sand of the huge desserts. The vibrant and beautiful colors of Rajasthan is famously engulfed by this Great dessert. The people of Rajasthan wear special kinds of jewelry which shines brightly. This beauty and the tradition of Rajasthan are shown by the people who habitat these great desserts land. The Royalty of the People is famous all around the world and in all parts of India. The Idea of Romance and heroism prepared for the Kings who took an interest in the royal music.  These songs sung by musicians are appreciated by men and women who have a slight taste in classical music. 

Rajasthan History 

Rajasthan is considered to be the land of heroes whose history goes back to 5000 years. The richness of the land vaunts its tradition and royalty. The people of Rajasthan are famous for their warm and friendly attitude. The tourism and beauty of forts always tempt the people who visit this place. The food of the land is famous for its spices and the catering every taste and the pockets. The handicrafts and the artifacts make it one of the richest state in the Country. Clay, Stone, WoodIvory, Glass, Silver, brass, Lac, textiles, and Clothes are made in of the finest forms. The craftsmen of the region are the true gems who are preparing some brightest artifacts and richest treasure. 

History of Rajasthan

All the people of the regions who are craftsmen lives in small villages and known as mohalla. The government of India has prepared some policies for the trade of local crafts that will help the Craftsmen of the state. The government has helped the local population to build and develop industries for production. It has targeted those cities which have a huge number of craftsmen population. If you are about to travel Rajasthan then be prepared to take a feel of the royalty.Especially when you visit some restaurant and the hotels for the accommodation. With the Modernization and Introduction of the western tradition in the Asian countries, Rajasthan is also not left alone. People of Rajasthan has also adapted to the fast-moving westernized environment and the lifestyle.

Rajasthani Culture 

Rajasthan is a land of people who love to sing the traditional songs which depict the beauty and Rajasthani culture. The People signs song is representing the heroism of the people and all aspects of the Rajasthani lives. The music is also used to convey the feeling of romance and the great diversity of the region. The Feminism has bound a strong bond around the people of the region and has sung songs for their beauty. The Marwar folk hero known as Pabuji is the wandering balladeers sung by the “Bhopas.” These people sing in the context of Pabuji by traveling from one village to another.

Rajasthani folk song culture

Rajasthani Handicrafts 

Rajasthan is the richest states that India has due to its great value of the Handicrafts produced by Local citizens. The local villagers create their own pieces of design using patronized ideas.  The Gorgeousness of Rajasthan lies in the skills of the hands that create those handicrafts to beautify it. The Swords and the knives produced by the local citizens of Rajasthan is famous for its sharpness. Throughout the World, the degree of royalty and uniqueness is filled in the making of royal swords. These were initially used by the Kings and the Warriors who have fought great battles in history. Weaving Carpets, making the pottery, Stone Sculpting, Pottery making, textiles, and Jewellery are the main areas of Rajasthani culture in India. 

Rajasthani Handicraft

Rajasthani Tradition

The traditional richness of the Rajasthan plays an important part in adding to the Beautification of Its heritage. The Traditions and Customs followed by the people of the region are directly related to the Vedic rites and rituals. Every man and women of the region have faith in customs. They perform and consider these tradition to be an important part of everyday lives. Depending on the region in which a person is born in Rajasthan. Everyone performs traditions and customs as an important part of their lives with very slight variation as written in Vedas. These ceremonies are called “Samkaras” as part of the customs depicting 3 phases of life namely birth, death, and the marriage and are the most popular among the Rajasthani culture.

In all, there are mainly 16 Samkaras which has to be performed by the people following Vedas and living in Rajasthan.

Rajasthani culture

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