Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The Misattuned Camper & Not Getting The Impact of Our Behavior on Others – Jayson Gaddis & Ellen Boeder – 465


Explore the wilderness of Colorado with Jayson and Ellen in this upcoming episode. Their backpacking adventure takes an unexpected turn which leads to thought-provoking insights about human interactions, relationships, and the delicate balance between self-expression and consideration for others. Tune in to this discussion that will inspire you to reflect on your own interactions and the impact of your actions on those around you.

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  • 4:04 – The story of the misattuned camper
  • 11:38 – How our behavior impacts others
  • 17:32 – Why our relationship to others matters
  • 20:34 – Standing for three
  • 21:48 – Keeping each other in mind


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