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The Power of Biotin for Hair Growth

The Power of Biotin for Hair Growth

A study conducted that 40% of women and more than 30% of men over the age of 30 suffer from hair loss? This problem is more common than you might have thought. For most people, hair loss goes along with low-esteem, too.

Fortunately, the problem can be solved using many ways, depending on the origin of the hair fall. Recently, biotin supplements have become a popular solution. Many people have been swearing on their qualities.

We want to uncover the truth behind using biotin for hair. We will check its mechanism of action in facilitating hair growth and the cases in which it can bring positive results.

What is Biotin?

Simply put, biotin is another name for Vitamin B7. This vitamin belongs to B-complex vitamins, which are known as “beauty vitamins.” They offer exceptional benefits for the skin, hair, and nails. They help to break down carbohydrates and fats, ensuring the proper metabolism and high-energy levels.

Biotin plays a role in the synthesis of amino acids. Most importantly, keratin is the main protein contained in the hair. Hence, taking biotin for hair can potentially help your hair to grow stronger and healthier.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. It means that it is excreted in the body through the kidneys. That’s why it is necessary to consume biotin-containing foods every day.

Factors Causing Hair Loss

Often, it is as simple as a lack of some elements, especially in younger people. Other common causes of hair loss include stress, depression, and hormonal imbalance. These events usually cause temporary hair loss and can be treated through a healthy diet, different supplements, and proper stress management.

A lot of medical conditions are also linked to hair loss. For instance, thyroid, adrenal gland, or ovarian disorders can cause hair fall for some people. In these cases, you must first tackle the illness itself to get rid of the hair loss that happens to be a side symptom.

Biotin deficiency can also be the primary reason for excessive hair loss. Although rare, biotin deficiency can also be acquired and hereditary. Pregnant women and those drinking a lot of alcohol have an increased risk of not getting enough vitamin B7.

Sometimes, even if you consume an adequate amount of biotin daily, you can still develop a deficiency due to poor digestion, damaged gut flora, or antibiotics treatment.

That’s why when it comes to your hair, we suggest that you watch your gastrointestinal health, too. Eating wholesome foods does not make any sense if the body cannot appropriately process them.

How Long Does It Take for Biotin to Work on the Hair?

Other people still prefer to have hair loss treatment. If you are one of them, feel free to check out Surehair International’s Hair Transplant Guide. Keep in mind that whatever hair loss treatment you decide, patience is your best companion.

Your hair will not grow quickly, and it will take some time for you to see the difference between your before and after hair. You might need to wait up to three months until you can see an improvement in your hair state.

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