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The Recipe for a Thriving Relationship – Last First Date

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thriving relationship

How can you create a thriving relationship? Listen to this episode with Christine Eartheart for great tips on improving your relationship.

Christine Eartheart is the Founder of the Center for Thriving Relationships where she and  her husband help couples transform conflict, deepen connection, and create the kind of love they have always wanted. Combining both the heart and science of relationships, they offer weekend retreats, online courses, and private sessions to clients around the world. They also developed the Thriving Relationship Coach Certification program where they train others on 50+ signature and scientifically-backed tools and formulas to create powerful, repeatable, and predictable breakthroughs for couples. Christine is also host of the Thriving Relationships Show, a TEDx speaker, and an enthusiastic believer in what’s possible in love. The Center for Thriving Relationships has been featured in Psychology Today, Happify, Thrive Global, NBC, ABC, and CBS. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What couples can do when their differences come between them
  • Why secure attachment is so important for couples to thrive
  • The keys to communication so both partners actually feel heard and understood
  • What couples can do if they have different interest levels in physical intimacy
  • The most important ingredients for creating a thriving relationship

EP 565: Christine Eartheart – The Recipe for a Thriving Relationship

What do you suggest for couples when their differences are coming between them?

Communication is key. So often we have differences that feel insurmountable. You both think your needs are the most important. We double down on our needs, we use stronger and louder words, or we check out when we don’t feel heard or appreciated.

Learning how to communicate in a new way is key. Hear the fears and needs, the vision for what we want. Deeply hear each other. Often what we judge in our partner is what we fell in love with. For example, that they’re easy going. Which over time becomes what annoys us, they’re lazy. It’s important to go back to what drew us to them.

What are your suggestions for when couples have differing interest levels in physical intimacy?

It’s the number one reason couples reach out for support. Some partners need emotional intimacy before feeling physically close. Some partners need physical intimacy to feel close. The discrepancy happens when partners are waiting for the other to change. 

Be curious about this with your partner and get to know your ‘brakes and accelerators’ with your partner. We look at the accelerators like lingerie, sexy music. We don’t look at the brakes that lower our desire. Even if we feel connected, it’s hard to engage when one foot is on the brake. 

Responsive desire is when you’re intimate and you then feel arousal. Ask what your relationship needs from you and your partner. Schedule intimacy. The goal is connection, not a mind blowing experience. 

What are the most important ingredients for creating a thriving relationship?

  1. Communication
  2. Physical intimacy
  3. Personal responsibility 
  4. Creating secure attachment
  5. Learning how to heal from conflict and repair
  6. Depositing into our Love account

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

A growth mindset for ourselves and our partner is key to a thriving relationship. It’s about how willing you’re both committed to growth and change.

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