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The Ultimate List Of 90+ Pet Peeves That Can Drive You Crazy

The Ultimate List Of 90+ Pet Peeves That Can Drive You Crazy


No matter how unreasonable, we all have one thing that just grinds our gears.

We all have our pet irritants. This is a common language to rant.

Some of us may be so troubled by seemingly insignificant behaviours that we begin to question if we’re the only ones.

You may wonder if your ticks have caused someone else to get a headache.

We have compiled a list that includes the most common pet peeves.

What are your pet peeves?

It is something you find particularly annoying. Over time, some annoyances grow.

They become our little pets because we give them so much love.

Pet peeves may be annoying, but they are not endearing without fur or an adorable face.

The smallest of things can be our biggest pet peeve. From a sneeze to the tap of a pencil.

Even the worst of annoyances may ruin your day. Particularly if someone eats the last of your fries!

The Ultimate Pet Peeves List

When asked “What’s your pet peeve?” we may not always recall them.

You may not know the answer to this question right away. Your pet peeves may seem too strange.

We’ve put together a list that includes pet peeves we all share. Here are some examples of pet peeves.

The Ultimate List Of 90+ Pet Peeves That Can Drive You Crazy

Common Pet Peeves

  1. People who do not wash their hands after coughing.
  2. If people cough or sneeze, they should not cover their mouths by using their elbow.
  3. If someone takes food off your plate, without asking. You should get your fries.
  4. It’s not a good sign when someone says I don’t mean to offend, but” before saying something hurtful.
  5. A person who is always late and makes you wait for them.
  6. Groups that take up the entire sidewalk, and do not move aside for pedestrians.
  7. The sounds of writing on a blackboard.
  8. It is a terrible sound when someone scrapes a fork or knife on a plate.
  9. When someone interrupts you while you are saying something.
  10. Persons who burp in public without covering their lips.
  11. You make a joke and then another person makes the joke louder, and the entire room laughs.
  12. If someone is watching a video on a phone without headphones and at maximum volume, it’s considered a public display.
  13. Open-mouthed chewers are people who do this.
  14. Someone who apologizes, but does not apologize. saying something like “I am sorry if you felt upset.”
  15. Owners of dogs that don’t clean after their dog when they go for a walk.
  16. Cashiers that are too chatty if you’re in a hurry.
  17. If someone vapes around non-smokers, this is a problem.
  18. A person who spends too much time on the phone instead of being in a social setting.
  19. People who respond to work emails using the option “reply all”.
  20. Third-person referents are people who use the third person to describe themselves.
  21. Loud walkers are those who slam the ground with their feet when walking.
  22. When adults speak like teenagers and use outdated slang such as “dude.”
  23. Men who think they’re flirting but are creepy.
  24. People who do not move to make way for an elevator.
  25. Anyone who claps at the end of the movie or when a plane lands.
  26. If someone does not turn their phone off when they are at a movie, or at least puts it on silent.
  27. You are being pushed into a diet that you don’t want to be on. Sorry, but pizza is just too good to give up.
  28. A person who replies to text messages with only memes, or emojis.
  29. People who blow bubbles or smack their chewing gum in your face.
  30. Someone who uses it in a non-literal context.
  31. When your co-worker copies each email that they send you, your boss.
  32. You should not be able to say ” I wish you were there” if you don’t want others to think you aren’t having fun.
  33. People who add lots of hashtags to an Instagram post. #annoying #petpeeve
  34. Bad Grammar is the most common mistake, particularly when people substitute “your” for “you’re.”
  35. People who never chew their food or talk with their mouths open.

The Ultimate List Of 90+ Pet Peeves That Can Drive You Crazy

Funny Pet Peeves

  1. The experts never seem to know when to stop talking.
  2. You’re bombarded with texts after you go to bed.
  3. Find out if the person, who does not reply to your texts, always has their phone with them.
  4. You need to gain experience before you can acquire experience.
  5. When you wear socks, you always seem to find the one spot of wet floor on your kitchen floor!
  6. Definition of Hypocrite: Someone who conveniently forgets all that is wrong with them to expose what is wrong with you.
  7. Impatient People
  8. Watching movies with individuals who quote the lines as they occur. It’s almost like watching the movie twice!
  9. Say all the time when you say.
  10. Parents who try to be cool. The ultimate oxymoron.
  11. It’s not cheating for adults to eat chicken nuggets and pizza, but it is when kids do.
  12. You’re told that your call to customer services is “really, really important” but you then have to listen for forty minutes to elevator music.
  13. When my middle sentence is interrupted by the beginning of yours.
  14. Why don’t conditioner and shampoo run out at the same moment?
  15. It annoys me when people call a dumb blond,

The Ultimate List Of 90+ Pet Peeves That Can Drive You Crazy

Pet Peeves in Relationships

  1. It’s not good to have an unreliable partner. never picks up their phone or is always on time.
  2. If he or she compares you to others.
  3. When your partner says “I am fine” when they are upset, but.
  4. A partner who is used to win a battle or get what they want.
  5. It’s not good when your partner leaves in the middle of a fight.
  6. When people assume that your partner’s opinions are identical to yours.
  7. When your partner speaks on your behalf someone asks you to answer a question.
  8. Observe that your partner behaves differently when they are with their family or friends.
  9. They are just a bit close to their last ex or even worse, they’re all of them.
  10. You may be offended if your partner shares too much about you with their friends. Certain things should remain between the couple.
  11. An angry partner. You may need to take some time alone.
  12. It is not acceptable for one person to make all the decisions in a relationship as if the other partner has no autonomy.
  13. It can feel as if you are responsible for your partner‘s rudeness to another. Secondhand embarrassment is overwhelming.
  14. When your boyfriend/girlfriend is being passive-aggressive but will not tell you what they are thinking.
  15. The partner doesn’t know how to apologize or never admits that they did something wrong.
  16. You may have a friend who is jealous of your friendships with other people of the same gender.
  17. A partner who makes ultimatums to get their way.
  18. People who try to change their partner in a significant way.
  19. When your significant other compares to you an ex during a fight. Certain things are off-limits.
  20. When a boyfriend or girlfriend refuses to accept help, even when it is needed.
  21. When you say “I told You So”, you are saying that you have admitted to your mistake.
  22. You will run out of hot shower water because they are taking too long.
  23. If they don’t do the cleaning and expect you to do it all.
  24. You eat healthy but they don’t. Or you eat unhealthily and they don’t.

The Ultimate List Of 90+ Pet Peeves That Can Drive You Crazy

Weird Pet Peeves

  1. If someone farts publicly and doesn’t acknowledge this. Reveal yourself!
  2. People with dirt under their nails. Do you wash your hands?
  3. Those who can’t sit still.
  4. Repetitive Noises are annoying. For example, when someone clicks on their pen repeatedly.
  5. Stickers on Fruit Stickers on fruit.
  6. People who whisper under their breath while they read or use their phones.
  7. You can feel and hear the pebbles as you walk over them.
  8. Whistling may sound cheery but it can be annoying.
  9. Some people dislike it when different food touches the same plate.
  10. It is normal to breathe, but it is annoying when someone breathes too loudly.
  11. The sound of opening candy wrappers.
  12. The person in front of you is too close. You move forward, they move upward. They are now breathing into your ear as you move up.
  13. Stopping at the nearest gas station effectively blocks the next one.
  14. After shaving your legs, you will notice that they have goosebumps.
  15. Anyone who uses a high-pitched voice to talk to babies or dogs.
  16. users abbreviate all words in their text messages.
  17. When passengers leave their belongings on the passenger seat. Should I be seated in the backseat or front?


Final Thoughts

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Some pet peeves can ruin your day.

Many of these annoying behaviours occur so frequently that we can commiserate with each other. It’s fun to share pet peeves with friends or make new ones.



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