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Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023

Yes. We get it. The idea of a perfect body varies from one person to another. For some, the perfect body is a trim body that has clearly developed after months and months of hardcore gym workouts. For another, the perfect body will come in the form of a stunning BBW or MILF. So, we get that this list of the Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023 is going to be a bit controversial. It isn’t going to stop us from writing it, though.

What follows are ten OnlyFans women that we absolutely love. They all have the ‘traditionally perfect’ body, and we’re sure whoever you are, you’ll find at least one babe that you fall head over heels in love with. 


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: 3,500,000+
  • Photos: 3,000+
  • Videos: Over 300
  • Top OnlyFans page
  • Squirting
  • Anal
  • Lesbian

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About ‘Skylar Mae’:

Honestly, we don’t think we could have kicked off a list of the top 10 perfect body OnlyFans girls of 2023 with a better woman. It would be tough to top her, but that’s fine. While none of the other women on this page come close to Skylar Mae in raw perfection, they’re close enough.

Skylar Mae is the top profile on Only Fans. Over 3.5 million have liked her vast collection of photos and videos. They’ve come for that trim, blonde body. Skylar Mae rocks one of the tightest asses we’ve seen on OnlyFans, and it blows our minds every time she is bent over, fingers or toys buried deep inside of her. You can’t help but be in awe at how dripping wet this filthy slut gets.

She isn’t cheap to follow on OnlyFans, but she is worth every damn dime that you spend. She loves popping out lesbian content, and she isn’t afraid of diving into epic lesbian foursomes where women almost as beautiful as her get their kicks by licking her pussy or fucking her ass using a toy. That’s before we even mention the amazing squirt scenes.

If you have to follow just one woman on this list of perfect body OnlyFans girls in 2023, make it Skylar. 


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: 190,000+
  • Photos: 430+
  • Videos: 70+
  • Fitness freak
  • B/G sex
  • Lesbian sex
  • Solo bate

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About ‘Fallon’:

Remember what we said at the start? For many, the idea of a sexy, perfect woman is somebody that spends their hours whiling away at the gym, pumping iron, and spending way too much time on the treadmill. We won’t lie. That type of stuff works, and Fallon, the top fitness OnlyFans profile, is proof of this.

If you love your women to have toned abs, then Fallon is your gal. Watching that slim body bounce on a cock is one of the best sights we’ve ever seen on Only Fans, and let us tell you now, this is a woman that knows how to ride. Watch her cum and damn, are you in for a treat.

While she does love a good cock or two inside of her, some of the best content put out by Fallon has her playing with all sorts of filthy women. Fallon gets well into it, and she loves to eat out a good pussy or two. She seems to love when other women fuck her with her massive selection of toys.

On top of it all, she gives the odd fitness tip. Sure, it’s not what you’re on OnlyFans for, but being fitter is good, right? Not that you won’t be getting plenty of hand exercises when you watch Fallon!


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: Well over 1,000,000
  • Videos: 80+
  • Photos: 1,000+
  • Rated best tits on OnlyFans
  • POV fuck
  • BJs
  • Role Play
  • Massive tits

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About ‘Amber’:

We told you that we would have a perfect body for everybody! Say hello to Amber, or Ambs as she likes to be called. She’s been voted the ‘top tits’ on OnlyFans, and it isn’t tricky to see why. Just look at her. We doubt many people could take their eyes off of those hooters for more than a couple of minutes. In fact, it took us a good 10 minutes to write that sentence as we had to keep checking back on her. They look that great.

If you’re willing to pull your eyes away from that amazing rack, you’ll see a stunning woman. A whopping great pair of legs, a body that you can’t help but want to get your lips all over, and the juiciest pussy God ever created (incidentally, she screams God a lot when she cums). 

Sub to Amber and you’ll be taken on a journey through a world of sexual fun. Amber fucks everybody and anybody, and many of those videos and photos from her sex sessions land on her OnlyFans. Expect to see her get raw-dogged by countless blokes, and have her minge eaten by one of many different women.

She’s a whore, a good whore, and she had to have a place on this list of perfect body OnlyFans girls of 2023.


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: 100,000+
  • Photos: 200+
  • Videos: 30+
  • Lesbian play
  • Juicy tits
  • JOI
  • Weekly content

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About ‘Mariella Mae’:

Silky, smooth skin. All we can think about whenever Mariella Mae pops up on our OnlyFans feed. When we aren’t getting horny as shit toward her, we can’t help but wonder what her skincare regime is because, damn, nobody should look this perfect.

Mariella Mae is our idea of a perfect OnlyFans body. Beautiful, round ass. Amazing honkers, and a bit of volume on the hips. She ain’t slim, basically. She’s just a stunning woman with a body that has been built to show off.

Pumping out weekly content, you never know what to expect with Mariella. One week, you may get some of the hottest lesbian content you’ve ever seen, and the next, you get amazing bate videos with some epically large sex toys buried deep in her vajayjay. 

If a perfect body weren’t enough, this woman has an amazing personality. She offers the GFE, and she loves to sext. Oh, and if you’re not cumming instantly from her pics, we guarantee you that you’ll cum within seconds of watching one of her JOI videos. 


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: 630,000+
  • Videos: 600+
  • Photos: 1,000+
  • Lesbian orgies
  • BBC dildos
  • Squirting
  • Anal
  • Weekly releases

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About ‘Scarlett’:

Scarlett bills herself as the ‘girl next door’, but she isn’t like any other woman we’ve had living next to us. Hell, you’d probably only be lucky enough to have this sort of stunning babe living next door to you if you died and went to heaven.

This super horny babe loves to fuck herself for her thousands and thousands of followers. Barely a week goes by where she hasn’t got a toy or two buried in her wet pussy (or sometimes in her tight ass). When she isn’t having her amazing body solo fucked, she’s teaming up with men and women all over the world for a good ol’ sex party.

It would take us forever to list what this babe does, so we’ll just sum it up quickly; BJs, full sex videos, lesbian orgies, squirting, anal, and more. Sound interesting? Yeah. Go check her out. You’ll see why she is on this list of the perfect body OnlyFans girls of 2023.


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: Over 1,000,000
  • Videos: 250+
  • Photos: 1,500+
  • Latina
  • Lesbian orgies
  • Live streams
  • 4K video
  • Roleplay

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About ‘TheCollegeStripper – Mia Monroe’:

It’s a real Disney fairytale with Mia Monroe, a.k.a. TheCollegeStripper. Latina babe goes to college. Big plans ahead of her. She decides one day (no doubt with a song & dance) that she needs a bit of extra cash. She signs up for OnlyFans. Turns out, everybody in the world thinks her body is insanely hot. She quits college, and stays at OnlyFans, showing off her beautiful body every day of the week. 

Mia Monroe’s Latina body is stunning. Her titties are so big that they don’t even fit in her profile picture. Trust us, you’re going to love to see those melons sagging down when she is boning herself with a nice, thick sex toy. Or, better yet, when an equally attractive woman has decided that the only meal she wants that day is Mia Monroe’s lady bits. Oh, and because Mia Monroe has used all those funds for some quality camera equipment, you get to see her banging body in 4K.


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: 150,000+
  • Videos: 120+
  • Photos: 1,900+
  • Blowjobs
  • Thicc ass
  • Squirting
  • Anal
  • Loads of sex content
  • Daily posts

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About ‘Kleio Valentien’:

What did we tell ya? You don’t need to be some slim bitch to have a perfect body. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. Us? Well, we’re fans of the thicker birds. We love it when we have a good thicc ass in front of us. We can’t help but imagine how great it would look to see it bouncing around as we give them a right old pounding from behind. Kleio Valentien’s ass? Damn, it thicc.

As the self-proclaimed ‘blowjob queen’, Kleio’s content leans heavily towards gagging on a good, thick cock whenever she can. In fact, most of her daily posts will involve a cock sitting between her lips. Of course, she needs to have a bit of fun too, so if you’re lucky, it won’t be long before she’s turned around and that thicc ass has a thick cock buried inside it and, by God, does Kleio know how to take anal like a champ.

It ain’t just about the blokes either. Kleio Valentien loves to swing the other way, and she loves full lesbian threesomes, erotic lesbian content, and more. If she can’t find another person, well, that’s not going to stand in her way. Out come the toys and you’ll be watching that perfect body tense up as she inches herself ever closer to another squirting orgasm.


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: 550,000+
  • Photos: 800+
  • Videos: 70+
  • 18-years-old
  • X-rated lesbian content
  • Fuck sessions with men
  • Cosplay
  • Weekly videos

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About ‘Chelsea’:

Next on our Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023 is Chelsea. She claims to be the horniest 18-year-old on OnlyFans, which means she has a lot to live up to when she is putting out her content. Luckily, she more than exceeds our expectations. It’s no wonder this woman has rapidly become one of the most-watched OnlyFans profiles. She’s only been on the site for a few months!

It really helps that Chelsea has an angelic face, but it is clear the devil lives inside of her. We don’t think we’ve ever seen a woman as desperate for a shag as Chelsea is. Whenever she films a good sex video, her pants are down and those legs spread faster than you can say ‘OnlyFans’. She loves a good cock, a good tongue, or a good dildo. Well, as long as she is getting fucked by something, she doesn’t mind. 

Her body is perfect. Divine. The type of body that you would worship, and you’re going to have a ton of time to worship it. She uploads a lot of videos and photos. 


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: 740,000
  • Videos: 70
  • Photos: 280
  • Most-subscribed fitness OnlyFans
  • (Mostly) non-nude.

Where to Follow:

About ‘Jem Wolfie’:

Last but not least on our Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023 is Jem Wolfie. If you’re expecting nudes from Jem Wolfie, look elsewhere. Sure, she’s gonna get that booty out a little bit, and she may even treat you to a side boob or two. But, this woman is more about showing off her body in ways that Instagram won’t let her.

Jem Wolfie got her start on Instagram, and she is reasonably popular there. But, let’s be honest, Instagram rules are rough. Show a bit of tit, and the ban hammer is going to come down hard. So, Jem decided OnlyFans is where she needs to be. She probably doesn’t regret it either. Her amazing body has made her one of the most-followed women on the site.

If you’re after a fit body, with a lot of muscle on it, then Jem is your girl. If you’re after nudity, look elsewhere. 


Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Likes: 600,000+
  • Photos: 2,000+
  • Videos: 60+
  • Daily posts
  • Full nudes

Where to Follow:

About ‘Kacy Black’:

Do you appreciate raw, feminine beauty? Yeah. We bet you do. You probably wouldn’t be milling around on a list of perfect body OnlyFans girls if you didn’t. Although, you don’t want them represented in art. You want them with their kit off, and perhaps with a couple of fingers teasing their clit. That’s what you get from Kacy Black.

Kacy may be new to OnlyFans, but she’s already started to creep up the list of the most-watched babes, and she won’t be slowing down any time soon. Not as long as she keeps cranking out almost daily photos of her naked body.

You’re not going to be getting any full-blown sex scenes here, unfortunately. But, do you really that? With how fantastic Kacy looks, you probably wouldn’t want to take your eyes off of her for more than a couple of seconds anyway.


There you have it the Top 10 Perfect Body OnlyFans Girls Of 2023. A list of the best perfect body OnlyFans girls of 2023. We’re so sorry if we didn’t include your favorites, but we are sure that you can agree that the choices that we did make are amazing. Every single woman on here is special in her own way. Go on. Hop on over to OnlyFans and check out as many of them as you can. We subscribe to all of them!


Is OnlyFans free?

If you want to see the hottest content, no. If you want to look at perfect body OnlyFans girls, you’ll need to dip into your wallet. It isn’t expensive, though.

Which OnlyFans girl has the most perfect body?

It depends on what you’re after. We are massive fans of Skylarmaexo. Not only does she have an amazing body, but she produces some of the sexiest content on OnlyFans. 

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