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Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023 Gotham Club

There are quite a few reasons why plenty of men and women all around the globe find tattoos sexy. Tats are real masterpieces that you might enjoy looking at (especially, if the body part has been chosen correctly). So we made a list of our Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023.

But, in a lot of cases, what tattoo lovers really do adore about girls with body art is what the tats can say about their owner. Various symbols, patterns, and portraits show that the girl is willing to take risks, is a rebel, and, most likely, likes to dominate. That’s why taking a single glance at a lady covered in body art would be enough to turn a lot of us on. 

If you are convinced that girls with tattoos look hotter, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 10 tattoo OnlyFans girls of 2023 (in our humble opinion). These beauties post high-quality content on a regular basis and bring a bit of spiciness to the OnlyFans’ table.

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls of 2023

Kleio Valentien

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Over 120 videos and 1,850 photos
  • Opportunities for custom videos

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About Kleio Valentien:

Once upon a time, Kleio was watching an online adult video. This sparked the thought that pornography was something that the girl would love to try. Kleio is an exhibitionist in real life, so the idea of showing off her body on camera offered the opportunity for more people to see her. 

Back in 2010, Kleio didn’t look like an average pornstar as she had tattoos on her legs, chest, arms, back, and abdomen. No wonder she became an overnight sensation. In 2011, Kleio got a boob job which helped enhance her already gorgeous figure, and that is what made her on our Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023.  

The entertainer offers daily posts, live shows, sexting, and dick ratings. She is also obsessed with foot fetish, kink, and SPH. So, if that’s something up your street, then those $12.99 per month would definitely be worth it. 

Joanna Angel

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Over 400 videos and nearly 1,300 photos
  • 100s of full-length scenes that are updated daily

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About Joanna Angel:

Joanna is a real adult industry legend. She was a model for Suicide Girls until 2002 when Joanna and her roommate founded the website The website featured stories of sex with different band members and, of course, nude photos. It was mainly focused on a punk aesthetic, and that’s why Joanna Angel is often credited with helping the growth of the alternative porn genre. 

Joanna is not only an actress but also a director and writer of adult films (including zombie-themed hardcore films). The model has got more than 50 tattoos all over her beautiful body. 

Symbolically, it would cost you exactly $6,66 per month to get all the newest content from this daredevil. Joanna regularly posts both amateur and professional content, and she really does do it all, so everyone would be able to find something to get their heart racing. 


Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • 29 videos and 131 photos
  • DM the creator for custom content

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About Ocean:

Ocean is a sexy Asian petite girl with a natural big chest and a few delicate tattoos. She’s an island lady who is fueled by sunshine and addicted to travel. The beauty only allows the fans to call her ‘Ocean’, and for the longest time, she didn’t allow any video calls. 

A few months ago, the exotic bombshell said that she was going to release her first NFT for $99,999 (which could have become the most expensive NFT sold by an OnlyFans model). The Non-Fungible Token would have been an 18+ artwork and a touch of a physical product (the buyer was allowed to have a 30-minute live call with the girl).

For $6,99, you’ll get a glimpse of all the sides of the tiny island girl with a big heart.

Lily Michi

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Nearly 5,000 photos and over 120 videos
  • Multiple daily posts

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About Lily Michi:

Lily is a stay-at-home mommy with a few tats on her legs. The bored housewife likes to have fun while her husband is away at work.

We don’t know much about the beauty, but you can find her wish list on Amazon which includes gift cards from Forever 21, Apple, Panda Express, and Kohl’s (just what you’d expect from a desperate housewife). 

For $8.99 per month, you’ll get to enjoy roleplay kinks, BJs, anal, double penetration, and various fetishes. Lily really does like to dress up, so the chances are high that you’ll never get bored of her content. 

Penny Suicide

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Nearly 50 videos and over 420 photos
  • Online chats are available

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About Penny Suicide:

Penny is a member of the famous Suicide Girls – a website that revolves around nude pin-up photography. This is exactly where you should head if you prefer tattooed and pierced models. Fun fact: Suicide Girls have appeared or been portrayed by actresses in plenty of music videos and shows, including Californication. 

According to the founders, the site is a place to celebrate beautiful women who choose not to fit into the norm, and Penny is a wonderful example of a sexy outsider. With her tats she belongs to our Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023.

Her fit body is fully covered in tattoos, and her long black hair and red lips make her the perfect model for slightly spooky pin-up photoshoots. You’ll typically find Penny relaxing in a boudoir-like atmosphere wearing stunning lingerie. 

Though you can find wonderful photos of Penny all across the Internet (including the Playboy website), the truly exclusive content gets shared on her OnlyFans profile. Get to know the lady a little closer for $6.66.

Sara Mei Kasai

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Over 400 videos and 2,800 photos
  • Daily free lewds

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About Sara Mei Kasai:

Sara is a Canadian cosplayer who likes to showcase her anime and video-game-inspired cosplay and fantastic boudoir looks. Fans admit that she looks like an alluring doll with her wide eyes and silky hair. 

Sara is a professional teaser who likes to come up with unusual poses. Furthermore, the girl is extremely generous – you will get new lewds to keep you horny every single day…for free!

When it comes to the tattoos, Sara has a black heart with a fist on her shoulder blade, a big but delicate rose on her thigh, a Pokeball on one of her ankles, and a magic potion bottle on the other one. It looks like she’s not planning on stopping here, so you might soon get to see new masterpieces of her fit body. 

She also has a very likable personality. So, if you’re more into sweet tattooed girls, then Sara is your lady (she also typically wears glasses, by the way). 


Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • 1630 videos and nearly 10,000 photos
  • Find the creator’s secret TikTok and get a prize

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About Kaya:

Kaya is not your regular OnlyFans model. She likes to share most parts of her life with her fans. She is very spiritual, loves to travel (Kaya has visited 37 countries), and is now building the house of her dreams in the countryside. Her arms are covered in cute tats and as a real ‘flower child’, she prefers short dresses and never wears a bra. 

You’ll find plenty of photos, videos, and even voice messages on her page. But Kaya admits that she prefers to establish one-on-one connections and that she’s ready to fulfill practically any fantasy. By the way, if you’re into tarot readings or reiki healing, Kaya can do that for you as well.

When the pandemic hit back in 2020, the beautiful soul decided to give back to the community and made a second OF page that was completely free (@hempresskcfree). The main page is where all the fun happens, but it’s always nice to get a glimpse of what you’ll be getting before subscribing for $30 per month. 

Gina Valentina

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Nearly 200 videos and over 620 photos
  • VIP content that you won’t be able to find elsewhere

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About Gina Valentina:

The bombshell was born in Rio de Janeiro. She has been working in the industry since she turned 18 and is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses and directors. Furthermore, the sexy Latina has been nominated for multiple awards.

Gina has a full tattoo sleeve and a few tats on her wrists and thighs. She describes herself as an ‘anime freak’ and ‘the baddest baby’. Kleio admits that boxing helps her stay fit and look great from all the right angles (of course, she prefers to wear extra flattering shorts while beating the punching bag). 

By the way, the petite, black-haired beauty has a free account on OF (@ginavalentinauncensored) where you’ll get to explore over 50 videos and nearly 90 photos. And if Lady Gina leaves you wanting more, make sure to subscribe to her main account for $9.99.

GoGo FukMe

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Over 100 videos and 150 photos
  • Custom videos are available

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About GoGo FukMe:

The gorgeous ebony girl has tattoos all over her body which look extra sensual on her dark skin. She has a free OnlyFans account with open DMs. You’ll get daily posts, messages, videos, and pics.

In case you’d like to see the gorgeous thick body from all the possible angles, you might decide to subscribe to GoGo FukMe’s VIP OnlyFans account (@gogofukmevip) which has a lot more to offer. The subscription would cost you $24.99 per month, but you might be able to get 50% off. 

If you want to make the creator happy, make sure to take a look at her Amazon wish list. It’s full of stunning items that GoGo FukMe might agree to model for you. 

Fun fact: a lot of fans were surprised to find out that their favorite model actually has impressive kung-fu skills.

Arabelle Raphael

Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023


  • Over 3,000 photos and 700+ videos
  • Access to the secret menu

Where to Follow:

About Arabella Raphael: 

The inked babe likes to describe herself as a ‘naked intellectual’ and ‘a part-time mermaid’. The cult e-mommy is one of the top 0.1% content creators on OnlyFans. She has been in the industry for over 13 years and her photos and videos just keep getting better. 

After you subscribe for $9, you’ll immediately get access to hours of footage, 100s of pics, weekly live cam shows, sexting, and a lot more. 

The ‘cult’ porn performer that was born in Paris is definitely not mainstream, but Arabella managed to carve out her own niche and cultivate her own audience throughout the years. Many fans would be ready to die for the girl’s spectacular body. By the way, she’s of Jewish, Tunisian, and Iranian descent, which makes Arabella a truly rare and exotic diamond. 

To Sum Up Our Top 10 Tattoo OnlyFans Girls Of 2023

Those were our top 10 tattoo OnlyFans girls of 2023. We have tried to come up with a list that included various types of girls with different body shapes, personalities, and content types. 

The best part is that a lot of the creators mentioned have a free page. So, you will get a chance to get to know the girls a little better before having to pay for the content.

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