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Top 5 LEAST desirable traits in a man

A man from our Instagram community wanted me to ask our female audience this exact question: “What quality/trait in a man are women LEAST attracted to?”. In turn, 266 women shared their dislikes with me.

If you want me to share ALL 266 responses, ping me the in the comments below. I’ll share an update on IG if enough people request all the responses :).

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Top 5 least desirable traits in a man:

  1. Cockiness and arrogance

    Additionally: boasting, being rude, ‘full of himself’ and ego-centric. There can be a very fine line between confidence and cockiness. The main difference between the two, in my humble opinion😉, is that genuine confidence does not seek validation or boast. True confidence is rooted in self-belief and self-assurance.


    Confidence says, I’m really great at this and I know it.

    Cockiness says, I’m really great at this and I want everyone to know it.

  2. Bad hygiene

    I kid you not, this was the second most common response on behalf of the women. So here is your reminder to: floss and brush those pearly whites, wear deodorant/ cologne, wash your sheets, clothes and body (every crevice – with soap), please and thanks😷.

  3. Laziness/ lack of ambition

    Laziness and lack of ambition consciously and subconsciously signal concern that a man might be an unreliable longterm partner.

  4. Insecure

    Women seek stability and security within a partner. That means women are consciously and subconsciously gauging men to see how stable and secure they are on various levels. If you’re unsure about yourself, how can we be sure about you?

  5. Angry/ aggressive

    Personally, one if the least attractive things (in addition to these 5 traits) is someone’s inability to self-regulate. We’re adults. Our partner(s), family or friends shouldn’t have to soothe our tamper tantrums. 11/10 recommend therapy for everyone 😂.

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Thank you to ALL 266 women that shared their responses with us. Hang tight for the new articles coming this week! In the meantime, cruise around the blog or read these related articles above :).


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