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Triangle of death: Don’t pop pimples in this body region

The triangle of death, also called the “danger triangle” by experts is a region on your body that poses great health risks if you pop a pimple within it. This region has a deep connection to the brain and disturbances from a popped pimple can have life-threatening consequences. So take care to avoid any skin pop-ups in this area.

The danger triangle is the area from the corner of your lips to the bridge of your nose. You can make a triangle using your fingers by putting the thumbs on the corners of your lips and connecting your pointer fingers at the bridge of your nose.

“The area of the face connecting the nose to the corners of the mouth is thought to be a particularly dangerous area of the face because of their close connection to the brain,” Joshua Zeichner, MD, an associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, told Health.

Now, squeezing pimples is generally discouraged because it can lead to scabs and might leave you with permanent pits or scars. For this reason, patience is the key as the pimple will disappear on its own, and you’re less likely to be left with any reminders that it was there.

In general, dermatologists do not advise that you pop your pimples. You may push the contents of the pimple deeper into the skin, leading to complications like permanent scarring and more painful and noticeable acne.

However, popping a pimple in the “danger triangle” runs the risk of a potentially life-threatening infection. As a result, CST may develop, in which a blood clot forms in your cavernous sinuses and blocks blood flow from your brain.

“The cavernous sinus is the name of a large vein that drains blood to the brain, creating a connection from our outside to our inside,” said Dr. Zeichner. In other words, the infection in a pimple on your nose has a somewhat clear path to your brain.

Triangle of death: Don't pop pimples in this body region/Pexels

Triangle of death: Don’t pop pimples in this body region/Pexels

For that reason, “any infection in that area is a little bit higher risk,” Alok Vij, MD, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, told Health.

“In the event that you pick a pimple, and an infection develops, the worst-case scenario is that the infection spreads from the skin through this sinus,” explained Dr. Zeichner.

CST is a dangerous disorder, but recognizing the symptoms right away minimizes the risk of death and complications. CST symptoms include:

  1. Fever
  2. Headache
  3. Paralysis of the muscles that control eye movements
  4. Swelling around the eyes

Treating acne may be easier said than done. Sometimes, flattening a pimple on your chin is all too rewarding. While popping your pimples is not advised, there are a few ways to make the process less high-risk.

First, stay away from pimples in the “danger triangle” region. Second, consider the timing if you are determined to pop a pimple on other regions, like your chin.

“If you are going to pop your pimples, do not do it right before bed when you are tired. Think of it like a sterile surgical procedure,” said Dr. Zeichner.

Triangle of death: Don't pop pimples in this body region/Pexels

Triangle of death: Don’t pop pimples in this body region/Pexels

Before popping, thoroughly wash your hands. Ensure the spaces underneath your fingernails are clean since bacteria are good at hiding there. Better yet, cut your nails before popping a pimple.

Next, clean the skin on your face. Apply a warm compress to your face before you begin the picking process.

Do not pick the top of a zit off with your nails. Instead, “apply even, downward pressure around the pimples,” said Dr. Zeichner. It would help if you did this with one of two instruments: a cotton swab or the soft part of your fingertip.

It is important to know when to stop: “If the blockage does not come out easily, abort the mission,” noted Dr. Zeichner. Remember to practice after-care. “After picking, apply a topical antibiotic ointment like bacitracin to any open skin.”


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