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What Advice Do You Give To Newlyweds?

What Advice Do You Give To Newlyweds?

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We all group up watching romantic tales and listening to love stories. Relationships are always outlined with glitter and marriages are always portrayed in daffodils. What we don’t realize is that there is more to life in reality than on a screen.

When you navigate your way through love and enter the bond of marriage, you have a commitment that is more than mere vows.

Marriage is never a bed full of roses, rather a bumpy ride with many ups and downs. That said, to have a healthy one, it is important to give it a good start. How you spend the first few years of your marriage depicts the patterns you follow for the rest of your married life.

You might wonder and ask: What makes you appreciative of marriage? What doesn’t let the spark die between you and your partner? How do you keep your relationship always young?

Sounds difficult to answer, right? It no longer will be.

As your expert for happy married life and a friend throughout the ride, we have some advice for the newlyweds.

What Advice Do You Give To Newlyweds?

How To Have a Good Marriage

In making the journey better than the destination, here is what you can do to have a happy and lasting marriage:

Build It Together

No matter what anyone tells you to expect from marriage, it will always be and for the both of you.

A couple bonded together by contract are two separate individuals with their own goals, aspirations, and desires. When you marry, you set a mutual ground to bring and build everything together. What you start with lays the foundation of what follows.

To have a healthy future, build mutual understanding, offer support, and adopt good habits together in the early period of marriage. Life may get stressful, you may feel overwhelmed often, or you may have to make some compromises. To get past it, enjoy pleasurable things together.

Build a deposit of happiness, and don’t forget to draw on some during hard times. Also, read happy marriage advice on Mend the Bond

Don’t Let the Romance Die

Love keeps it bright, so don’t let go of the effort to win your spouse over and over. Fancy date nights, red roses, and surprise gifts filled our teen love tales. All that fascinated our younger selves is also what our married self craves.

Be spontaneous. Dance in the rain together, sing each other love songs, and plan romantic surprises. Don’t avoid the temptations and keep the romance young.

Have an Adventure Together

Nothing is better than growing and learning together. Post-wedding blues are common when roses wither away and rush settles. That said, nothing should be more important than the company of two.

Always look out for opportunities to do fun things together. There is a release of dopamine, also called the happy chemical, when you try something new.

Give your brain happiness and try novel things (outside the bed too). Make adventure trips, get on roller coaster rides, or try new cuisines together. 

Allow Some Space

Not every day will be perfect. You will not agree all the time with what your significant other says or does. Neither will the situations always be how you want them to be.

Commitment and love ask for the freedom to express one’s true self and not bound the other. Make compromises, put trust in the other, and most importantly, be compassionate. Show your partner what they mean to you despite the differences and disagreements.

Communicate Properly

Nothing keeps a relationship more intact than healthy communication. To understand what the other wants, communicate without keeping barriers. There should be no shame or embarrassment between couples in letting your heart out.

Talk about everything; share your deepest fears and discuss your wildest fantasies. Tell your likes or dislikes and plan your future.

Actively resolve conflicts, don’t hold back grudges, and complain instead of hating to make things better.

Thank and Apologize Often

When two individuals vow to spend the rest of their lives together, they leave behind many routines to adjust together. To make the most for the other, they leave their comfort zones and go the extra mile.

What is the least the other can do? Appreciate. Practice gratitude, be thankful, and validate what the other does for you. Pay attention to every big or little effort they make for you.

If it builds on your relationship, apologize. Accept your wrongdoings and be human.

Bonus Advice: Make each other feel special all the time through not only words but also actions.

The Key To Having a Healthy Marriage

Life is not a bed full of roses, but it is not a cactus either. A marriage needs two understanding individuals to go a long way.

Practice compassion, talk often, and appreciate wholeheartedly to make it work right. Remember; it takes two to have a healthy marriage.

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