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What Are First Date Beauty Mistakes?

What Are First Date Beauty Mistakes?

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If you are going on a first date, there’s a chances that you may be feeling nervous on what to do and how to dress including how to apply your make-up. All that are bound to happen because it’s your first date. 

First impression count so to avoid mistake, we are here to give you and also to guide you on how to follow while choosing your make-up .

First date beauty mistakes includes the following-

Carefully read and understand as we give you the most common mistakes to avoid during your make-up on a first date.


What Are First-Date Beauty Mistakes


  • Applying too much or too little makeup

This is very important, when going on a first date, it is necessary to apply a suitable make-up, and it must not be too little or too much. 

The reason is that, you need to appear so bright and attractive as a woman on your first date and for that reason, you should be sure your make-up is at equilibrium. Not too little and not too much. With that you are good to go. When your make-up is too little, it might not bring out your astonishing beauty and when the make-up is too much too, it will also make you look ugly and odd in the eyes of your partner. So take note of that.

What Are First Date Beauty Mistakes?

  • Using same color, techniques and products

The day you met him, there’s this pattern of make-up or non make-up you have. There should be changes in the  color and techniques at your first date so that he will see you differently.

You should not wear the same color of make-up, the same products and the same techniques that you always wear, try changing all those things so as to look different and moderate.


  • Choosing unsuitable foundation cream

When applying make-up, try to choose a suitable foundation cream so as to balance it up.

This will help your make-up look more beautiful. When you wrongly wear a foundation cream, it will automatically ruin your make-up. So make sure to choose a suitable foundation cream.


  • Excessive eyebrow or eyelash threading

Most men do not like excessive eyelash, and due to it’s your first date with him, you are not quit sure what he likes or dislikes and for that reason you should avoid wearing excess of eyelash, even though you love wearing them. 

As they say, first impression matters a lot. Keep your threading eyebrows or eyelash that is excess to yourself and a normal and simple ones to your first date to avoid creating wrong impression on yourself.


  • Reducing too much colors in your makeup

Too many colors to your make-up is very bad. Choose atleast 2-3 colors and let it not be too shouty. 

Choose a suitable color that can bring out your beauty, not the ones that will scare him away from you.

So much colors in your make-over on a first date do not impress a man, rather it may reduce the attraction he has at the initial time depending on the type of man you are meeting. So to be on a safer side, you should be cautious of the colors you apply.


  • Wrong choice of lip gloss

When choosing a lip gloss, make the right choice and choose the one that suit your lips.

Wrong choice of lip gloss can ruin your make-up. Everything should be under control in terms of make-up, so as to maintain a nice and adquate looks.

What Are First Date Beauty Mistakes?

First Date Makeup Do’s and Don’ts to Remember


What you should ‘Do’

  • Do choose better products.
  • Do check your powder and foundation cream.
  • Do choose a good lip gloss.
  • Do check your make-up again after applying it.


What you shouldn’t Do. ‘DON’T’

  • Don’t wear too much colors.
  • Don’t wear excessive eyelash.
  • Don’t wear heavy make-up.
  • Don’t wear red lipstick.

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