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What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?

What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?
What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?

Marriage as said to be the legal union or agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. But issues that lead to divorce, makes one to ask if the two lovers never agree or love each other in the first place. But no matter what the problem may be, it is advice to always visit a counselor when issues arise in your marriage. Marriage counseling has help build and restore happiness in most families today, so always try your best to talk to a counselor if the issues seems not to stop. Now let me let you know the signs of a toxic marriage, so that you will take note of them and be aware when an issue is about to start in your marriage.

What Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?


  1. Both partners always fight themselves. Or one of the partners still beats the other at every little mistake. What “Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?”


  1. Nobody understands each other. Or everything about understanding is channeled to only one person who is more robust.


  1. One of them is always afraid of living in fear, in what will be the reaction of the other if a mistake is found in what he/she does.


  1. No rules in the marriage. Anyone can do whatever he/she likes, or the other person is above the law and can do whatever he/she wants.

“Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?”

  1. One of them is being treated like a slave, or maybe is being turned to a slave or servant in the house.


  1. There is no day without trouble. The marriage can be said to be one week one problem.


  1. Third-party decisions are what control the family. The decision depends on the instructions of one of their family or advice of a friend.


  1. They don’t have a formula or pattern of living. Everything in the family is just scattered. Do as you like.


  1. No matter how hard the other person works hard to please his/her partner, he/she will not regard it or take it as something. Instead, he must see a mistake in what you do.

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There is nothing good about toxic marriage, anything like joy or happiness. Everything thing about it is full of sorrows and tears. So if I am to continue to answer the signs, I will never stop writing. But the solution to all this is to make a decision before marriage.


Suppose you are already in this type of marriage and have tried your best to fix it. And after all your hard work there is no solution, then I advise you to leave before you die in it.

“Are The Signs Of A Toxic Marriage?”

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