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What to do when you hurt someone

What to do when you hurt someone
What to do when you hurt someone

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We will be discussing on the most important thing you should do when you hurt someone,  so that i can answer your questions What to do when you hurt someone, try to read and understand.

Steps on what you should do when you hurt someone.

1. You should first conclude in your heart that you really hurt this person. You know, sometimes you may know that you have hurt someone but your heart will be convincing you that you did not hurt anyone. You see that your heart and soul is not together, you may not be able to follow the procedure of mending what you have spoilt.
So first of all, you should make up your mind that you are at fault and you really hurt the person.

2. Know what the person likes doing or what he or she likes, try to render that thing to him or her no matter how small, when you are doing that he/she may not like it because you are the one doing it. Keep on doing it so that you can be coming closer to him or her. And do not forget to be doing that with little smiles on your face. Pretend as if you don’t know that something went wrong . At least for that little moment.

3. Once you are doing number 2. Try to get hold of him or her especially at the happy times and tell him/her how much you feel sorry for what you did.
Apologize to her or him with a smile on your face. Saying that you are sorry after the second move is much better than saying it before especially when dealing with a woman. But when dealing with a man, say sorry before the second move which is number 2. ,
“Am sorry” is the most important thing needed when you hurt someone.

4. Make sure not to go back to that particular thing you did that hurt him or her. Abstain from the things that will hurt again and maintain your new life together.

We believed that you can be able to what to do when you hurt someone. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any.

“What to do when you hurt someone”

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