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Marital unfaithfulness is devastating. True, some people have found that they can forgive a repentant spouse and rebuild their Marriage. But whether the Marriage survives or not, those who discover that their spouse has been unfaithful invariably suffer intense agony.
How can such a spouse deal with their fragile emotions?

“I wanted to die when my husband said that he was leaving me for a younger woman. It all seemed so unfair, especially when I remembered the sacrifices I had made for him” –Maria, Spain.

“When my wife suddenly left me, it seemed that something died in me. Our dreams, our hopes, and our plans had been destroyed. There were days when I thought I was free from anxiety, only to find myself back in the depths of despair.” The Bible says in the book of Psalm 94:19, “When anxieties overwhelmed me, you comforted me and soothed me”.
As I read that verse, I imagined Jehovah soothing my pain tenderly, as a compassionate father would.- Bill, Spain.

Despite the heartache, many innocent spouses have found comfort in the Scriptures.
They have learned that God sees their tear and share their pain. -Malachi 2:13-16.

“With someone loyal, you act in loyalty”. -Psalm 18:25.
My husband has not been loyal, says Carmen, whose husband had been unfaithful for months. “But I could trust in Jehovah’s loyalty. He would never let me down.

All those quoted above felt like giving up at times. But they trusted in Jehovah God and drew strength from his words. Bill put it this way: “My faith gave meaning to my life when everything else seemed to have collapsed. Though I walked for a time ‘in the valley of deep shadow,’ God was with me. -Psalm 23:4.

Other things you can do to help deal with the unfaithfulness of your Spouse are;

1) Meditate on comforting scriptures. Philippians 4:6,7.

2) Talk about your feelings with a trusted family member. Your mother or your father, your sister and or your brother. Someone who can encourage you to deal with the unfaithfulness of your spouse.

3) Find consolation in music. Music is one of the things that control emotion. Learn to listen to praise or worship songs or you can sing for yourself as well. It will help you recover your inner peace and harmony.

4) Persist in prayer. You will feel that Jehovah God is near to you, listening to you, and helping you through the terrible time.

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