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What Women First Notice After Seeing You!

Want To Know What Women First Notice After Seeing You?

What women first notice after seeing you might surprise you!

Studies continue to show that a man’s first impression of a woman almost always starts with the unconscious (or conscious) question:

Would I or wouldn’t I (have sex with her)?

…but with a few exceptions, what women first notice about a man almost always starts with the unconscious question:

Would I or wouldn’t I (live happily ever after with him)?

There’s a reason women buy romance novels and men buy Playboy.

This is actually good news for men because for women it’s less about what God gave you and more about who you are as a man.

The fact is what women first notice after seeing you…

…are every tiny detail! Women make an unconscious assessment of who you are as a lover, boyfriend, husband, and potential father of their future children.

What she first notices after seeing you either piques her curiosity and desire or instantly turns her off.

In the video, you’ll learn:

  1. 5 things she first notices about you.
  2. Why they matter to her.
  3. How you can elevate her first impression of you.

The biggest reason men and women don’t understand each other is not your fault!

Modern culture has tried to tell you (sell you!) otherwise, but men and women are different in some ways!

Even if she’s only after short-term fun, a woman automatically unconsciously translates what she first notices about you into if you have long-term potential.

And everything she sees instantly passes through her primary filter of “Will he make me feel—safe!?”

Physically, emotionally, and financially!

So, let’s look at what women first notice after seeing you and how that passes through her safety filter.

1. Your vibe and energy

A woman instantly picks up on your energy and overall vibe.

Your vibe and energy include:
  • Your level of enthusiasm, passion, and positivity
  • How you engage with the world around you
  • Your body language
  • Your level of confidence/ease
  • Your interactions with people

Even though you should have standards and evaluate her personality to see if she’s someone you’d actually like to spend non-sexual time with…

… she’s instinctively evaluating you in this way.

What your vibe and energy tell her safety filter system…

Whether you can handle life and its challenges or you’ll crumble into weakness and dependency when things get difficult.

You and I both know life is like a video game, sometimes there are wins but there’s also a lot of obstacles and starting over.

How to elevate your vibe?

Develop an attitude of gratitude!

Your mindset: I act as if I chose it. Whatever “it” is.

  • Look for solutions and silver linings when things go awry.
    • Lost your job? Great, take your knowledge to a competitor for a pay increase.
  • See obstacles as opportunities to learn and improve.
    • Are no competitors hiring? Great, go back to school or create a career out of your favorite hobby. (I did.)

The next thing women first notice after seeing you is no surprise but something most men totally misinterpret.

You’ll find out what that is and the other three by watching the video…

Click the image to play the video!

Beyond What Women First Notice After Seeing You…

You can attempt to showcase your best features all you want but if you feel like a fraud or don’t know what steps to take next then consider getting my program.

It has helped men of all walks and ages find their special someone.

Most recently a man in his 40s who’d never had a girlfriend.

So, for a want a more personalized step-by-step guide on how to develop traits women you crave that you’ll respect in yourself and in an authentic way, get my WakeUP2Luv Program here… and do. the. work.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nothing changes if you don’t (change).

I believe in you. You got this!

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