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What You Need to Know About Shatter Before Getting High

Shatter is a cannabis derivative that has an amber, glass-like appearance. It has high levels of THC; however, CBD shatter is also used for its medicinal and therapeutic values without THC’s intoxicating effects. If you’re using shatter for the first time, it is important that you understand it’s properties to avoid using too much and experiencing a bad high.

What is Shatter and How Is it Made?

Shatter is a newcomer among the legal weed products in Canada, although it has already gained popularity among cannabis users. It looks like glass and makes you feel its effects quickly. It’s made through hydrocarbon extraction, using propane or butane. It has high THC potency as it’s a highly concentrated form of cannabis.

Following extraction, the oil undergoes a cleaning process. At this time, it appears as a bubbling sludge and is placed in a vacuum oven. This process removes the residual hydrocarbons through heat, thus releasing the extract’s toxic solvents.

Next comes winterization, where producers add ethanol and complete the filtering process. To ensure no toxins remain, shatter manufacturers repeated the winterization procedure numerous times. With the ethanol heated and evaporated from the mix, the final product is complete.

Understanding Shatter Dosages

If you use shatter or any other cannabis form, you should know how much THC or psychoactive compounds you consume. Shatter comes with the potency of 70 to 90 percent, just like other concentrates or extracts. Compare this to the recommended starting dosage of 5 to 10 mg for edibles.

Smoking Shatter 101

There are several ways to use shatter, for example:

Dabbing– All shatters can be dabbed, making it a popular method of consumption. For this method, you need a small water pipe, known as a rig, with a flat bowl and a nail that can tolerate high temperatures. You can use the rig to dab shatter or any other concentrate meant for dabbing.

To take shatter, you’ll need to preheat the nail. You can use a small butane torch and wait until it reaches the optimum temperature, then add a small drop of the concentrate on the nail by using the dabber’s flat end. The concentrate will vaporize when it comes in contact with the hot nail. At this time, place a cap on the nail so that the vapor doesn’t escape and inhale through the rig’s opening on the other side.

Keep in mind that the nail becomes to the touch when heated, so use caution and wait for the nail to cool down before you touch it.

Another method of consumption is to simply add a bit of shatter to your joint. You can mix shatter with tobacco or cannabis and just put in into king cones — no need to roll anything up.

Vape Pens– To use shatter on the go, you can add it directly to a vape pen’s heating element.

Smoking– You can also smoke shatter by rolling it up into small strips and placing it on the buds within a joint or blunt. Or, simply place the stips into your bowl. Just be aware that smoking shatter can produce intense smoke compared to buds.

Tips for a Safe Shatter High

Since shatter has a higher THC concentration than most cannabis-based products, it’s best to with a low dose of shatter until you know how your body reacts. The THC content may vary between products, so start with a low dosage whenever you’re using a new package or switching products to avoid an unpleasant high.

If you still experience a bad high, your top priority would be to breathe, relax, and stay as calm as possible until the psychedelic effects pass. A change of scene can help you too. If you have a trusted friend around, talk to them to divert your mind.

Starting Off Small

If you’re smoking shatter for the first time, know about it well before you use it. It is always a great idea to start with a small dosage and figure out how it hits you before increasing it. That way, you can enjoy the high sensation without the side effects of a THC overload.


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