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When should you breakup? – Breakup-Help

When should you breakup? You may feel like you won’t ever want to leave because you love that person and can’t imagine life without them. This is why it can be difficult to establish when it is no longer healthy or serving you.

Every couple, no matter how perfect they look on the outside, have their challenges. It is important to recognise the difference between ups and downs of a healthy relationship and signs that a relationship has run it’s course. Here are some clues to help you recognise when it is time to call it a day.

You keep breakup up and getting back together. It’s ok to drift apart a little a times when you are experiences a challenge but if you keep breaking up and getting back together it may be that neither of you are addressing the real underlying issues.

There is no trust in the relationship. If you are suspicious of your partner and often wonder whether they are being honest with you it could be a sign that there isn’t enough trust. Perhaps you are secretly checking their phone behind their back or checking up on them in some way. This can be emotionally exhausting. If there is a history of cheating or dishonesty, it can cause a huge build up of resentment which can destroy the relationship over time.

You’ve grown too far apart. Maybe you constantly think about the early days of the relationship instead of appreciating who you each are now. Are you each putting all your effort into external activities and relationships instead of nurturing your romantic relationship together? This is something that can be solved if you both have a desire to do so. However, at this point usually one or both people have already checked out of the relationship.

Your major values clash. Even if you love and care about someone, you may not match up on the bigger picture things. For example, maybe you want to settle down and start a family but your partner wants to travel instead. This can signal issues with the relationship longevity.

You are constantly fighting. Disagreements and conflict are inevitable, however, you cannot be feeling on edge or feeling ready for the next big blow up all the time. When conflict is managed ineffectively, it can leave you feeling disrespected and demeaned. This will cause resentment and the issues will continue resurfacing. If you are constantly fighting and can’t resolve the issues effectively together, it could be a sign of the end.

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