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When Should You Seek Help Of A Child Custody Lawyer?

When Should You Seek Help Of A Child Custody Lawyer?

When things do not go well between couples, they end up filing a divorce. But divorce never goes easy on a couple nor their children.  It brings along some or the other complications, especially when you have children and fail to mutually agree on keeping their custody.

Next, the matter is dragged to court, and thus arises the challenge of deciding between taking legal help or not for putting down a petition for child custody. Though at first, moving ahead alone to file child custody may seem like an affordable option but taking into consideration all the pros and cons, it may seem to be a risky and complicated affair.

A child custody lawyer can help you go a long way in achieving your child’s custody. But when should you seek legal help? Do you really need a child custody lawyer? When should you seek a lawyer’s help? Here we list down a few signs that indicate you need to hire a custody lawyer soon:

Your partner has a lawyer too

If you get to know that your ex-spouse has hired a custody lawyer, then indeed he/she has a significant advantage. And, it’s time for you to think about hiring a lawyer too. Child custody lawyers have immense knowledge about family laws and can prove to be a guardian angel beside you in your fight to acquire your child’s custody.

You might have a little knowledge about child custody, but that cannot be compared with the knowledge of a lawyer who is well aware of the strategic maneuvers and system. Hiring a lawyer will not only help you play strong, but they may fight your case so that you end up hearing a judgment that you will be happy to hear.

Your ex imposes restrictions to meet your child

Putting limitations and laws on seeing your kids is interference that the court does not justify. If your ex has custody of your children and places restrictions on you to meet your kids, then again, it may put you in a situation wherein you may seek some sort of legal assistance.

Activities such as canceling a uniting session last minute, obstructing your connections and contact with your kid, denying parenting may also require a lawyer to navigate the details. But make sure you keep documentation of such behavior, text messages, call history, emails, etc., and share the same with your lawyer to make your case stand strong in front of the court.

Changes in the case

Initially, child custody cases may seem simple, but when your partner also takes a step ahead to get custody of your child, the case may get complicated. It may result from relocation of a parent, domestic violence, neglecting the child, a cooperative parent who turned combative recently, and a lot more other reasons. 

Hence, if your case witnesses any such changes, it is always a better idea to seek assistance from a lawyer.

When jurisdictions surround your case

Different state and city jurisdictions and laws when the two partners reside at different places may complicate a case. So, if your ex-partner lives in two different cities or countries, then you may essentially require family lawyers in Penrith to intervene and represent your case and fight the challenges and barriers that pop up in between.  

Fear of your child being in danger

Divorce comes out as a mutual agreement, but divorces are sometimes highly abusive and have dark mysteries. Also, when someone separates from a violent partner, there are chances that they may hit you back on legal grounds to take out their aggression. 

They may try to charge you for neglecting the child, failure to raise the kid, and making false claims and allegations concerning your child. If you are someone who is facing litigation abuse and are worried about the potential repercussions that may negatively impact your child, raising potential fear, you should essentially call a family lawyer who can take charge of all such legal processes.

You being addicted to liquor and drugs

Child custody is a big thing and requires the parent in charge of the child to be responsible and committed. If you have a history of drug consumption and are addicted to alcohol usage, then such habits are sure to come up during the legal proceedings. 

Leave alone being habitual of drinking alcohol; even if you are an occasional booze person, things may be brought to the limelight in the court to show you as an irresponsible parent.

In order to substantiate such charges and to produce evidence that may dim the effect of the bad light portrayed by your ex-partner, you need to have a child custody lawyer by your side. They are well aware of the strategies and actions to take in such a scenario to defend your case and to take you in a better situation to seek your child’s custody.

You are not well versed with laws

Taking up a child custody case on your own is not recommended. This may require you to be well versed with all the family laws and get you doing a lot of research, considering all the rules and regulations that apply in your case. 

And, on a practical note, this is not something that goes easy for any layman to understand the law in the first place, followed by taking care of all the paperwork, documentation, deadlines, etc., that comes associated with the case. 

An easy way out is to appoint a legal expert who can shoulder your responsibilities as they are well versed with all the ins and outs of court proceedings and can take charge of all things allowing you to have some peace of mind.


Many parents do not give a nod to hiring a child custody lawyer, but in reality, hiring them can be a boon for your case. Not only do they take charge of all the legal proceedings, but they can cut down the complexities and ease out things for you, providing you assistance in every means possible.

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