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Who’s Your Mommy? (Exploring The Mommy Kink)

Who’s Your Mommy? (Exploring The Mommy Kink)

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Mommy is the new sheriff, and it’s not Daddy!

A Mommy Kink (MK), in the world of sexual abuse and role-play, is someone who has strong sexual desires to have sex with you.

MK’s dark side is the fantasies of having sex only with one’s mother. This is Freud’s Oedipus Complex hypersexualized and crass. This idea may seem strange, but it’s consistent with a growing trend in sexual fantasies that involve family members. Incest porn is one of the most searched categories on the internet.

Role-playing in bed with someone you call mommy and caring for you as she caresses you and swears to protect your health is milder.

Mommy Kink is a common theme in female-female interactions. One pretends to be the mommy while the other pretends to be the stepdaughter or daughter.

How does an MK form? Many people speculate that Mommy Kinks may result from an emotional trauma that was not addressed as a child. They are also trying to heal an old sexual wound left over from adult sexual interactions. Some believe it’s a deeper, more intense form of the MILF Fetish (attraction to middle-aged women with children).

No matter where it’s from, as long as it’s legal, safe, consensual and legal, get out!


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