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Why do girls put their Instagram in their dating profile? — THE LIAISON

I often get asked: “Why do girls put their instagram’s in their dating profiles? Are they just looking for more followers?”.

I don’t believe women are intentionally tagging their Instagram in hopes of receiving more followers but maybe some see it as a perk. The majority, however, do this to prove they are real and share more about themselves and to learn more about you.

I asked women from our Instagram community the same question: “Why do you have your Instagram on your dating profile?”

Here is what they said:

“I don’t check the dating apps as much as I check Instagram & there is more intel/ pics.”

“So they learn a bit more about me before they message, reduce wasted time.”

“I have my dating app notifications off.”

“So they have another way to see what I’m about. Could care less if they follow or not.”

“More visibility – makes it easy to vet them through IG. Example: Is the normal or hiding a girlfriend?”

“So you can see more pictures of me.”

“Sometimes guys as for it to see if we’re real. Saving you a catfish.”

“So they can see more pics and your life – not for more followers.”

“I used to put my IG on there so they knew I was a real person and could see more about me.”

“So people can look more into who you are. You can’t put much in your dating profile.”

These responses seem extremely genuine, and they make sense. But what about the women who have private profiles and still put their Instagram on their dating profiles?

That’s a good question. It’s another way for them to vet you. Another reason is that some people still feel shy about online dating in general. Messaging on Instagram might be a little more comfortable and organic for them.

How to tell if they’re interested in you:

If you reach out to them via DM and they don’t respond, they are either not interested or not interested in you enough to respond. There are no ifs ands or buts here.

I don’t care if they “matched or “liked” you on a dating app – if they are not engaging in any conversation with you, they are not interested.

An attractive mindset is the “I’m good with or without you” mindset. We want to know you are good with or without us. This is the confidence women are attracted to *especially* during the early stages of dating. It’s best to put your energy and time in to people who are investing time and energy into you.

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I hope this insight helped answer your questions you had about this topic!


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