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Why Don’t People Like Me

why don't people like me
why don’t people like me

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Is your heart troubled? Why people hate you or why people find it hard to be with you? Anyway, relax, let me clear you well with the reasons why people can hate someone so that you will know if there is any way you are going wrong and fix it up immediately. “why don’t people like me.”

After it, you will see that people will start feeling comfortable staying with you. So without saying much on this, let me tell you those things that can make others hate someone.

Why don’t people like me

Here are the reasons people may see in you and hate you, so for you to check thoroughly and know where you fall into.

1. You love always to lead

Suppose you are the type that always wants to be a leader and not considering that you must not be a leader in all gatherings. Then know that you are not doing it well try to, at times, allow others to rule.

2. You don’t listen to advise

Others can easily hate you if you’re the type that never listens to advice or what people have to say about anything. Then no need to ask why they hate you because this is one of the reasons.

3. You always gossip

If you are among those who still gossip about anything, then bear in mind that others will hate you for that and will not like to have anything to do with you.

4. You are a troublesome person

No one will like to stay with someone who always disturbs and give them issues. So if you are a troublesome person, that always go about causing headache to people, then be assured that they will hate you for that. “Why don’t people like me.”

5. Your dressing

You may ask, “how can people hate me because of how I dress?” Well, it is said that your dress speaks a lot about you. So now the way you dress determines the kind of persons that move along with you and those that won’t like to be seen around you. So mind how you dress so that others can desire to be with you.

6. You don’t accept you are wrong

If you are the type that always claims to be right at all times, then know that people will hate you for that and will not like to have anything to do with you because you never accept to be wrong on anything that you do.

7. You always tell lies

No need to tell you that they will not like to stay with someone who can never tell them the truth but lie about everything. So change your lifestyle please if you lie too much.

8. You don’t keep to promises

Are you the type that never holds your promise and always give excuses then no need because people will surely hate you because of that, so please try to keep your promises to others.

9. You don’t understand people

If you are the type that never understands that everyone has it’s’s own reasons for doing things, know that you are going to be disliked by many because no matter what someone does, there is a reason behind it. “Why don’t people like me.”

10. You don’t respect others

Try not to be known as someone who doesn’t know that everyone, no matter how little the person deserves some respect, then no need to ask why they hate you until you change that your character.

These are some of the reasons why they hate someone quickly, but to help clear you well, I want you to know that the main reason why they hate someone is the person’s character. So sincerely look at yourself and understand the things in you that push others away from you. Thanks.

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