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Why looking at what people say

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Why looking at what people say


Sometimes I see most individuals saying I don’t like the way my spouse treat me, I wish I will go, I wish to divorce this marriage, but still they can’t divorce it they still stand strong because of what people, parents or spiritual leader may say about them when they divorce and due to that they prefer to die in silence than to divorce their marriage but to me they are making a big mistake because marriage is an agreement between you and your spouse but when you find out that he or she is not keeping that agreement that was made between you too why then are you still with him or her, when you live all day with tears and sorrow knowing full well that marriage is not meant to be so but rather marriage is meant to be a thing of joy and happiness. I know you will think am encouraging divorce but am not am just saying the truth, if you find out that the marriage you are does not work as you think please divorce and make use of your time because staying may lead to your death, you never know if he or she has someone he or she admires please leave now you still have time.

If you are looking at what people will say, what that your pastor or spiritual leader will say or how your parents will feel when you divorce then you are getting it all wrong and making a mistake that will result to your death or something else which you can never believe that will happen, so why then are you making all these issues hard for you, why then are you looking at what they will say instead of looking at what your heart want or what is the best for you. Knowing full well that you are not satisfied with your marriage any more why then do you pretend to people why then do you prefer to die in silence or do you think that what masses may say is more important than your life, listen I have grow up in this world to understand that no matter what you do in this world people must still talk and there is nothing you can do to please everybody in this world because they are human with different brain, heart and understanding, so you see is of no use looking at what people will say when you have not taken good care of your own needs.

You really need help seriously because there is no way you can hide it that people will never notice that there is something wrong because emotional feelings or family issues due affect well in any activity we are doing as a human, why wasting your time on that person who don’t know your value or the potentials that you have, why trying to see if he or she can change knowing full well that it only happens in your dreams and not real life, look around you and read the signs and notice the people around you how they all live, notice those people you bother yourself on what they will say and see if they are ok and happy with their own marriage look at your parents and tell yourself the truth how many times they have quarrel within them and see a reason now on why you should divorce that man or woman who want to ruin your career before is too late for you.

Is your life my dear and not his or her own life, always bear that in mind because I can’t see the reason of you as woman to still leave with that man who is only a boxer in your body, who came back late at night, who don’t bother if you have even eaten or show concern as a man that love you. I can’t also see the reason of you as a man staying with that woman, who doesn’t show concern, nor cook for you too or even bother to know what you need and when you need her. Is better you think and take actions about your problem, if is possible talk to a friend and know how to go about with it because it is said that a problem shared is half solved so try to talk to a friend and reason together with the person, don’t you even see all these signs before you even say I do to that person, if you don’t see the sign then is left for you to take actions now you see the signs to avoid dying in it.

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Sometimes things that causes all these issue is how the person was trained up by his parents but we will look at that in some other articles, so now tell me why can’t you divorce that your spouse who don’t care about your happiness or progress? Why can’t you stop looking at your reputation, your career or that promise you believe you made during wedding, will you allow yourself to die of this problem. Remember that if you die today due to this problem that all these people you are looking at what they will say or do will still be there to blame you for not divorcing when you are alive, so think of it and set yourself free from that monster or person who don’t know your value and don’t try to waste your teas on them because they don’t deserve your tears neither do they deserve to have you in their life

Think twice about this and make a decision now, and I know that by writing this many will say am encouraging divorce but am just saying the truth like I said before because everybody deserve to be happy and when that happiness is not found where they are, the best thing to do is to leave than to endure for the rest of your life and die young due to what the problem cause you.

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