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Why Trust a Female for Dating Advice?

Why Trust a Female for Dating Advice?

What’s Up, Guys? As a guy who hasn’t ever had much luck with females in the past, I had to share my success as of late. This is because I’ve definitely found the LAST FEMALE FRIEND I’LL EVER NEED! I’ve discovered that when it comes to dating advice for men to trust a female.

As a female, she’s going to have THE best dating advice for men that you can get your hands on. Like I’m talking LEGIT KNOWLEDGE more than he wanted to know.

A female dating coach’s goal is to help you be more confident and in turn, you’re going to score more numbers and get more dates than you can possibly imagine. 

She isn’t just throwing out random words and topics for nothing!

Females offer way better dating advice for men than you could imagine.

That’s because she really wants to be sure that you have normal interactions with women. 

Plus, she wants you to be extremely comfortable around them. 


One of the most important things I can tell you I’ve learned is what separates men who have success with women and men who don’t.

A man who’s truly successful with women sees them DIFFERENTLY.

That’s right, Kemo-Sabi.

It’s all about PERSPECTIVE.


In fact, this quote by Jennifer Nettles says it best,

“I definitely think that, for a woman, the biggest turn-on is the mind. Otherwise, obviously, you want someone who keeps up with himself and has self-respect and self-confidence.”

There are many things that can turn a woman on.

But are you doing anything that is making them turn and RUN FOR THE HILLS?

Chances are you just might be doing something that turns women off without even realizing it.

So, in this post, I want to give you a crash course with some of the simplest dating advice for men that you’ll hear.

I’m talking MORE confidence. MORE dates. MORE convos. And MORE wins.

Are you ready for all that action bruh?

If you’re anything like me, chances are… you were born for this!

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty and find out what the top 3 male insecurities that turn women off.

 The Top 3 Male Insecurities that Turn Women Off

Male insecurity is the biggest turn-off for a woman. This is because women are genuinely attracted to the emotional strengths of men. 

These are qualities such as confidence, high self-esteem, and self-assured.

They are EXTREMELY TURNED OFF by emotional weaknesses such as self-doubt, shyness, and insecurity.

Have you ever noticed that all the confident guys out there can easily attract any woman they want? 

These guys get laid. 

And if they’re looking for a girlfriend, they score there too.

But when you look at the underdogs, the shy guys, they have a hard time getting anywhere past the friend zone… let alone first base.

And, yeah, sure. There are a few shy guys out there that can get laid or have a relationship.

But they don’t really get to choose from any type of woman they really want. That’s because most women look at their emotional weaknesses and go “NOPE. NOT TODAY.”

The Top 3 Signs

So, what are the signs of insecurity in a male that turn women off? And, is there any way to keep yourself from doing it?

Let me tell you about what I learned from a female with some of the best dating advice for men.

1) Unable to Maintain Eye Contact

If a man is speaking to a woman, he doesn’t want to stare at her in the eyes the whole time to keep eye contact.

However, he does want to be in a position to preserve informal eye contact and maintain that gaze for at least 5 seconds at a time or up to 10 seconds at a time.

If a man is speaking to a lady, and he’s looking away and searching around and gazing up and down and appearing to be quite uncomfortable, this will be an immediate RED FLAG for her.

Then, she’s no longer going to be capable of feeling any sort of attraction to him.

Just as my female dating coach has taught me, women aren’t attracted to emotional weakness like this one.

2) Being Afraid to Express Your True Personality Out of Fear of Her Judging You

A lot of guys will put on an act of being nicer than they truly are or desire to be in the hope that it will make an impression on a woman.

If a girl notices that a man is putting up a front and that he’s no longer being genuine by putting his one true self out there and showing her his actual personality, then her defensive shield goes up.

This is due to the fact she feels like she’s not interacting with the real version of him. He appears fake. She can’t have confidence in him simply because he’s no longer being truthful with her.

He’s attempting to win her over as a great pretender with a counterfeit version of his personality. THIS WON’T GO OVER WELL… EVER!

3) Being Lost for Words and Then Appearing Nervous or Unsure of Yourself

One of the most important ideas behind why guys are in an ongoing war to get laid or get the girl of their dreams is that they don’t know exactly what to say.

They freeze and aren’t able to hold a conversation with this amazing lady. Not to mention, they haven’t got any idea how to not only keep it going but also be able to keep it interesting.

A female will start off by speaking on a topic that interests her.

Unfortunately, he’s in one hell of a predicament.

He’s feeling such a strong attraction to the girl while feeling insecure about his significance and worthiness to her.

So, he’ll begin to make too many assumptions which in turn,  puts himself at a complete loss for words.

All of a sudden, he’ll start to look a bit uneasy and as if he’s dreading what her reaction will be to his response. 

He really doesn’t appear to be to sure of himself.

Best believe the lady will begin to feel uninterested and completely turned off.

If a man is sure of himself, and he is capable of being in the moment as he talks to a woman, he’s no longer going to be concerned with the racing thoughts in his head. about matters in his head.

He really isn’t going to have to work that hard at coming up with a conversation. It’s simply going to flow naturally and freely even though he isn’t speaking to a brand new person.

Specific Personality Traits That Turn Her Off

Sometimes, your personality traits can be too much for most women to handle. Here are some of the characteristics about you that will DEFINITELY turn her off.

  • 1) Being Overly Confident – Almost Cocky
  • 2) You Say One Thing … But You Do Another. 
  • 3) You’re Negative – Talking Bad About Other People – Not Respectful At All!
  • 4) You Get Attached WAY TOO QUICKLY
  • 5) You Don’t Show That You Want To Be In a Relationship or Have Any Interest in Her – Mixed Signals – 

Why You Should Trust a Female Dating Coach  to Be Your Wing Girl

A female dating coach is going to show you through her programs, that her way is the best way to help you build attraction.

This is the most LEGIT dating advice for men that you’ll find anywhere.

That’s because a female dating coach wants YOU to get the girl of your dreams. 

Honestly, when a female offers you the key to unlock that female wisdom, you know it’s because she thinks you deserve it. 

I have found that these TOP SECRET tips on women and how to mesmerize them have boosted my confidence.

So, if you’re ready to become the MAN WOMEN WANT, then look for a female dating coach. 

The mind of a female is best explained by a woman with the smartest dating advice for men. 

I promise you that since women are incredibly nurturing, the right one with real-world experience will be there for you and won’t feed you any lines of B.S. 

By all means, a female dating coach is a leading opportunity:  an authority on dating women because she KNOWS what’s inside a woman’s mind.

Author Bio:

Larry Alton is a blogger and passionate writer at She loves cooking and is fond of travelling.

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