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Why You Should Switch to Cruelty-Free Makeup

Cruelty-Free Makeup

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 Did you know that most makeup products are tested on animals before they are released? It has been estimated that 100,000-200,000 animals get harmed on an annual basis due to cosmetic testing. Most of these animals are rabbits, mice, and guinea pigs that often suffer from eye and skin irritation when manufacturers test their effectivity and safety in laboratories. They also get subjected to stress, organ damage, and death due to the enormous amount of toxic chemicals that get pumped in their system. However, there are some new products in the market, like Jennifer Bradley cruelty-free makeup that spare animals from this treatment. If you are considering switching to cruelty-free makeup, here are some of the things you need to know:

A nutrient-rich product

Are you aware that some of the regular makeup products in the market contain toxic materials like phthalates and lead? The former is harmful to your endocrine and reproductive systems, while the latter can cause death. Some also contain carcinogenic compounds like paraben and polyethylene.

Besides these harmful chemicals, you should know that some regular makeup products have questionable ingredients like uric acid derived from dead insects, cows, and wool-bearing animals. Uric acid is a waste product. As such, you are practically putting waste on your face if your regular product contains these ingredients.

On the other hand, cruelty-free makeup is extracted from plants with high sources of vitamins and minerals. They also have natural antioxidants, which will leave your face looking youthful and vibrant. They do not have harmful chemicals that can speed up your face’s aging process. Due to the lack of these chemicals, your face can easily absorb healthy nutrients and keep it hydrated for a longer period. Those who have sensitive skin will also be spared from irritants that may cause rashes, eczema, and clogged pores. You do not have to worry about experiencing breakouts since cruelty-free makeup products have natural ingredients.


When you buy products like Jennifer Bradley cruelty-free makeup, you do not just get quality ingredients produced without animal testing; you also contribute to saving the environment. Plants used for their production are often harvested through sustainable farming, which does not harm the ecosystem. Chemicals are not sprayed to the plants, lessening soil pollution. Additionally, most of the companies that produce cruelty-free makeup also use environmentally-friendly packaging. As such, you will be leaving less waste to the environment when you dispose of its packaging.


Because developing cruelty-free makeup is relatively new, its cost is a little more expensive than regular products. However, knowing that they are better in terms of quality and that there are no animals harmed in developing them should make you not mind spending a few extra bucks for it. Once you create a high demand for this kind of product, its price will most likely be as competitive as the regular ones.

The production of regular makeup has some questionable practices. Most of the time, many of them conduct testing that can be very cruel to the animals involved. Many of the products in the market today have toxic chemicals that could damage your skin and cause poisoning to your body in the long run. To avoid these, you should consider switching to plant-based makeup products that have safe ingredients and use environmentally-friendly production methods.

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