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You Can Learn Six Valuable Lessons From A Failed Marriage

You Can Learn Six Valuable Lessons From A Failed Marriage

Even though only seven out of every 1,000 couples get married, there are still a lot of divorces. Many warning signs indicate a relationship is ending, but most people don’t see them in time to save their weddings.

This is a bad report because research confirms what anyone who has been through a divorce already knows: that it causes emotional pain and a drop in happiness. How do you recognise if your connection is bad? What can you do about a marriage that didn’t work out? Can you learn something from it? This article will teach you all of these things.

How to Deal with a Failing Relationship

If any of these things sound like your marriage, it’s definitely in trouble. Seek marriage counselling, talk to each other more, and agree to have a date night weekly. This has improved communication, brought couples closer, and made marriage less boring. Regular date nights also make it 20% less likely that a couple will split up.

What If Your Relationship Has Already Failed?

You can Learn Valuable Lessons From A Failed Marriage

Trying to save a marriage that is falling apart is always good. But even if you didn’t manage to save it, you can still learn from it:

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Phones can be dangerous.

Divorce will teach you, among other things, how important it is to put away your phone. Did you know that in a survey about how people use their phones, 1 in 10 couples said they checked their smart devices while making love? Eighty-five percent of polled smartphone users said they use their devices while talking to friends and family. 

Research shows that people who do more than one thing at once are less empathetic. MRI scans of their brains show that the anterior cingulate cortex, which controls emotional and cognitive control and empathy, has less brain density. 

People who ignore their partner to play on their phones may end up getting a divorce. Macquarie Dictionary came up with the word “phubbing” as part of a campaign. Phubbing is the habit of paying more attention to a cell phone than a spouse or friend.

Studies show that phubbing is a direct cause of less satisfaction in marriage and more depression. This habit of ignoring someone because they’re on their cell phone is at the heart of many relationship problems. The phubbed makes the phubbed feel ignored, disrespected, and even hateful about the relationship.

Gratitude is a must

Studies show that partners who show gratitude for each other are happier with their relationships. They also have better communication, commitment, relationship investment, intimacy, support, and growth.

When one person in a relationship shows gratitude to the other, it makes the other person want to do the same kind thing by showing gratitude to the person who first showed gratitude. This makes the relationship more satisfying. Gratitude also leads to a sense of responsiveness and reciprocal behaviour, in which both partners are willing to meet the needs of the other.

Communication is very important.

When we ask for marriage advice, we often hear that good communication is the key to a happy marriage. This is true. How well you and your partner can talk things out, how close you are, and how open you are with each other depends on how well you and your partner communicate.

Studies also show that women have more orgasms and have better sex when they can talk to their partners well. Find someone who isn’t afraid to give you their full attention, listens to you without talking over you, looks for ways to solve problems as a team, and loves to tell you about their day in your next relationship.

Your Happiness Counts

It’s not shallow or selfish to care about your happiness or treat yourself with kindness. When you love someone, you want to do everything you can to make them happy. You want to show them lots of love, care, and respect. These things happen. But until that happens, you have to watch out for yourself.

Find someone who understands you, respects you, and makes you feel like you’re important. Find someone you can laugh with. Studies show that people are more likely to stay together if they laugh together. In their relationship, they also feel more supported and happy.

But it’s important to remember that you can’t make someone laugh. Instead, it would help if you made it easier for people to laugh together and on their own. You can make each other laugh and improve your relationship by letting loose, going back to places where you’ve laughed together, playing fun couple games, and making inside jokes.

You can’t change somebody.

When people get married and think their partner will change their bad habits, it can cause much trouble. Wrong! The essential piece of marriage advice is this: You can’t make your partner change at the end of the day. They alone can do that. If you just started dating someone, make sure you like the good things about them and can deal with the things that aren’t so great because it’s likely that they won’t change soon.

Keep up your friendships.

You can study a lot from a separation, but one of the most important lessons is how important it is to keep your friendships. When we get serious with someone, we tend to put our friends and family on the back burner. After all, we’re in love. We want to spend as much time as possible with our sweetheart.

But think about this advice for getting married: Who will be there for you if your relationship doesn’t work out? Studies have shown that getting help from friends and family after a divorce, breakup, or another traumatic event can make you feel better. If you don’t have strong relationships with the people you care about, you will feel very alone after a breakup.

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By following this relationship advice, you can learn the signs that your marriage has failed so you can try to save it sooner. If you know what makes a marriage fail, you can even keep your next relationship from falling apart. A failed marriage doesn’t mean you’ll never find love again, but you should learn from the blunders you made in the past.

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